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Me262 Experten Question


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Can anybody identify these blisters on the gun doors of these 262's?


One plane has a teardrop shape blister and the other blister is rectangular.  My assumption is these are to accommodate the MG's mounted in the nose.


The Trumpeter 262A2-A has the teardrop shaped blister and appears so do the other Trumpy 262 offerings.


Any help would be much appreciated.


NASM Me262



USAF Museum



Best - Rick

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​I have the ancient (1980) but amazing Walter J. Boyne book, "Messerschmitt 262. Arrow to the Future". Full of pictures, history, line drawings and tons of technical goodies. The bulges appear on the later versions only it seems. And when looking at the cut away drawing, it appears to accommodate the spent cartridge chute for the lower Mg 108's.

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  • 4 years later...

It is (it has to be) very late war modification likewise scissors on both sides (front and rear) of mainwheel legs.

All Czechoslovakian Avias S-92 and CS-92 had rectangular bulges and doubled scissors and all of them were just assembled from already made/manufactured parts (with only few internal modifications) - no new parts, no modifications of existing parts.

It is only my opinion, but Me-262 A in Dayton, Ohio indicates that not only Czech Avias had this shape of bulges and double scissors.


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