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1/35 Tamiya Panzer II Ausf F

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My first diorama/vignette attempt and go at figures, which come from the Dragon "Blitzkrieg in the West" set (after some practice on some old Academy/Tamiya stuff). The Panzer II is the ancient (1975?) Tamiya model, which takes approximately 30 mins to put together! I replaced the barrels with RB metal ones and added some resin stowage. The cat come from a Tamiya kit and is modelled after one of my own.
Base is made from a piece of pine from my shed, and plaster of paris with some scatter and green tuffs. The fence is to scale, its 1/35 but its supposed to be a high fence!

Learnt lots of lessons here as I intend to do dios/vignettes for all my armour builds from now on after just doing standalone. Comments and criticism most welcome.










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It's nice. I've been trying to find that kit at the local shops. I just missed, so I got the PZKW IV D. Do you think it is one of the better Tamiya old kits?

I picked up an old Fine Scale Modeler that has plans to correct the old Tamiya Panther. Top marks for a first go!

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