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  1. Well if you need some pics before then I'm less than a mile from a Lanc and a secondary cockpit section. I did not know of this kit! I'd love to build one marked as the one in Ottawa. I was super lucky to see the Canadian Flying Lanc returning from the UK meet up with the only other air worthy Lanc. I heard something while driving and though "MERLINS!". The Lanc and some spitfire escorts. I read that the Hamilton Lancaster may never fly again. And if it doesn't I got to see it!
  2. I forget to mention I had wanted to build the 250 and 37mm combo since I first built the 250 in 1997.
  3. Awesome! Brings me back to the time I built the Testor's kit in 1/48 with the same markings!
  4. It's nice. I've been trying to find that kit at the local shops. I just missed, so I got the PZKW IV D. Do you think it is one of the better Tamiya old kits? I picked up an old Fine Scale Modeler that has plans to correct the old Tamiya Panther. Top marks for a first go!
  5. Looks great. Love the Swiss look. My G-10 is sitting waiting for another decal sheet from Germany. Anyone else had trouble with their decals?
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