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Eduard F-86D Seatbelts - Fabric for Kittyhawk Kit


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 Eduard Update Set 32836

F86D Seatbelts Fabric

for 1/32 Kittyhawk kit

Available from many online-stores or Direct from Eduard for around £8.50



As I mentioned in the F86D Seat review here I wont be using the Etch Seatbelts as I have been sent a set of the Fabric Ones.  These are again for the Kittyhawk kit reviewed here.


These are the first Eduard Fabric seatbelts I have seen, having only come across the HGW ones before.  I seem to remember reading somewhere that it is Eduard who supplies these to HGW anyway so one can expect the same quality as HGW.  I must admit Im very impressed with this set and cant wait to use it on my Kittyhawk F86D. 


Pictures are worth a thousand words so I will let them do the rest of the talking.  Suffice to say that the etched buckles and the fabric itself if up to the usual high Eduard standard and the instructions are simple to understand.  There is no need to adapt the base kit either much with these they fit the kit contents without having to hack at the plastic too much and where there is an adaptation (shown in red on the instructions) they are minor and very easy to do.


The Frets.


The Instructions.



I really like the feel of these, much more flexible and realistic than the pre-painted etch and very nicely printed and made.  I also assume they will accept weathering a little more convincingly than an etched set.

Highly Recommended to anyone looking to update their kit with great looking, realistic seatbelts.

Thanks to Eduard for supplying the set and for Jim for passing them on to me for review and an upcoming build.

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