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Eduard Lockheed/Stanley C1 ejection seat set for the Italeri F-104A


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Eduard Lockheed/Stanley C1 ejection seat set for the F-104A.

Product number 32 824.

Available from many online stores or directly from Eduard for €14,95




Eduard describes the set as being "F-104 C1 Seatbelts". Of course the belts are included, we may be happy that that's not all. The ejection seat in the kit is a somewhat flawed Lockheed/Stanley C2 ejection seat and although the family ties between the C1 and C2 are evident, they have easily seen differences. For instance the C1 was a downward firing ejection seat and had the rollers for the seat rails near the top, the C2 was upward firing and had them near the bottom of the seat... Because there were the Stanley A, B, C, C1 and C2 versions of this seat, you might be interested to read the history of the F-104 seats on The Ejectionsite. 


So it's evident that the set needs some parts to backdate the C2 to C1, now would probably be a good time to check out the PE fret:




The first coloured sets from Eduard had their belts and the like coloured on only one side. Eduard realized this and those parts that are visible from both sides -and were coloured in the first place- did receive a coat of paint/ink on both sides. Although why the footrests and back rest were left in metal, I don't know...




In any case you can see that parts are offered for a new headrest assembly, foot troughs and triangle-shape ejection ring. I would advise not to use the webbing parts as included in the set and make it yourself from strips of paper or so as they were pretty neatly stowed on operational ejection seats.



Christopher Carey / ejectionsite.com



Christopher Carey / ejectionsite.com





Eduard's instructions show you what needs to be done to change the appearance of the C2 into a C1. For an early F-104A it's a must, this set will give you a good starting point.


Highly Recommended!


Keep in mind that the F-104 seats had the survival pack stowed in the seat pan (together with the emergency oxygen) and that the pilot wore his parachute on his back, no matter how many F-104 seats you see in museums with the parachute pack in the seat...


To illustrate it, our gallant pilot from 1958 climbs into his F-104A with downward firing ejection seat again...



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