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1/12 Bandai Star Wars C3-PO


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Hello again,

Well after putting up all of the pictures Ive taken so far of the Banda Kits I've built I figured I should show the final one so far.
I still have the R2-D2 and R4-D4 to do as well as Darth Vader in the figures so far, I guess I will do R2-D2 to go with this guy next.


So, as the others he bascially falls together.  A little less complicated than the Scout Trooper and Stormtrooper as there are less optional fittings here.  There are 2 sorts of arms that allow either poseable arms or the fixed arms you see here.  The poseable ones look less realistic so I opted for the fixed ones and they're in the classic C3-PO pose anyway.  He does have 2 head choices one with dent one without (I chose dent) and theres the ability to have his 'eye' hanging out on a stalk too like in return of the Jedi.


The stomach and back of the legs have decals for most of the wiring and theyre pretty good with some setting solution.  This one has no paint at all on it so far other than the black lock he has on his chest which in photo's shows a silver border and centre which Ive painted here with Vallejo acrylics.  Again you need to be careful removing parts from the sprue so as not to damage the gold plating too much, that said most of the sprue stubs are in areas not generally on view.  He also has a silver leg which I used here for a bit of variation, this is seen in some scenes in the movies.  I will dull him down a bit and weather him as I'd like to show him, along with R2-D2 as if on Tatooine after they crash down in the desert after escaping the Empire at the start of Star Wars: A New Hope.


The gold is pretty difficult to photograph well but I think they came out OK. Enjoy.










And one last one with the team so far ;)




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