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Erla Bf 109G-10 wing camouflage


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I've just started a couple more Erla G-10's.  Looking at the sheet included with EagleCals decals it appears that Jerry C. thinks the trademark Erla serrated demarcation on the upper wings has been done away with by this point.  The Barracuda sheet depicts a softer version of the serrated demarcation.  Thoughts? 


Hoping you'll chime in here Anders!

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Think ragged...


Rather than jagged edges Mike. Extant images where the camo pattern is visible seem to show a softer version of the similar demarcation used on the earlier G-models. However they are not the distinctive saw-tooth lines as before, nor are they simple straight demarcation lines either, but somewhere in between. Often the change in camouflage colour can't be made out, possibly due to the darker version of RLM 75 Erla chose/was forced to use later in the war, which appears quite close to the RLM 74 in black and white period photos.



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