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Salmson 2A2 / Army type Otsu 1 - Gaspatch models 1/48


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Dear fellow modellers,


this is the project that occupied my modelling time recently - the wonderfull Otsu 1 by Gaspatch models. The kits is very good, softish tan colored plastic that glues easilly, perfect fit, 2 PE frets, a jig for aligning the wings, a resin gun and precut mask for those that prefer them over the decals for the roundels. Additionally I have thrown Gaspatch turnbuckles and Aviattic linen decals for the gray parts. the paints used are Tamiya and Gunze acrylics, Alclad II and gunze metalizers, different oil colours for the wooden parts. The base was done with whatever I found around my garden. I will probably change the vanner used with a thicker one, as this one seems a bit thin, but untill then it stays like this!

Any comments, tips, reccomendations or constructive criticism are welcome!


Best regards,


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