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Want to build a 1/4 scale F-14 for a display

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I have been looking to build a giant scale F-14 to display. Not to fly right now. Just to get started I bought a set of plans several years ago, but they had almost no directions and hardly any measurements.


Any suggestions on a good place to get plans with good detail???





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Good morning Jerry and welcome to LSM.

1/4 scale eh! Well that is definately large scale.

You could use the 1/32 Tamiya Phantom for reference and upscale it to the desired size.

It is generally accepted as being very accurate shapewise (apart from the odd repair patches here

and there as they used a derelict battle repair example for reference).

Do you have any previous experience building such large models?

Very interested.


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- Cees, I think the man means an F-14 Tomcat...not an F-4 Phantom...


Are the plans you have about 7 sheets worth?? Back when I was designing and building radio controlled scale models I remember seeing such a set of plans. You will need a great deal of experience in that arena to complete such a project Jerry. Do you have experience in building radio controlled scaled models?

On top of that, as I remember, this was a twin ducted fan unit model, which comes with further specialist techniques. These models are now powered by turbines - very specialized and very expensive.

In saying all of that Jerry, don't let what I have just said scare you or put you off. Use a good 48 or 32 scale kit for reference. There are plenty of three views out there, and I am sure there are other plan sets out there now as well. It's a matter of how accurate you want the finished model. Even the filming models built for Top Gun would not even qualify for Top Gun (the premier radio controlled model aviation competition).


If you just want a display model, I would build it up in sections over your plans, make molds and cast your parts in a light weight fibreglass, and use a connecting mechanism that will enable you to test fit the pieces prior to assembly.


Insofar as absolute accuracy goes Jerry, you could try emailing the customer relations division at Grumman Aerospace (unless they have been sold at fire sale and merged), tell them of your project and see what help they could give you.

They can only say no mate....


I hope this helps Jerry, and good luck with the project!



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