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  1. Hi there Gus, ...If it were me, I would first double check that green tone Gus...it looks a wee bit 'grassy' green as opposed to a more 'drab' tone in the photograph (allowing for atmospheric lighting conditions). I would apply a good wash across the entire air-frame (something like a Flory wash or your own concoction), allow that to dry then spray the aircraft with a Satin varnish or similar (from what I can see in the photograph the Greek Air force have applied a wax to the air-frames to mitigate drag and maintain aerodynamic efficiency). A straight gloss finish may well be a little too shiny. Wet sand the Satin varnish LIGHTLY and dry with a towel to see where you are. Paneling can be masked off as you wish, just be careful when following photographic reference..light can play tricks on you (something the movie Industry plays upon when painting filming miniatures). Layering and observation is key here I think Gus - try one layer of technique, see what makes you happy, then decide upon your next move. That's my two pence worth anyway - the best of luck my friend! Dennis
  2. Good Evening Gus; It's great to see you working on the A-7 again. Any ideas as to a color scheme? Dennis
  3. ..I for one are grateful Hobbyboss has taken the financial risk and commitment to bring this product to the market place, and I will be buying mine in January. Twenty years ago the issues raised above were looked upon by us as modelers under the collective term 'modelling', and we would have just got on with the job of doing what we had to do to either rectify anything we weren't happy with or simply choose to purchase something else. As an ex professional pilot and Aeronautical Engineer I am very cognizant of aeronautical palliatives through design functionality necessary for the performance envelope of full size aircraft. I come to this site to relax and enjoy the company of modelers around the world just making stuff, and having fun doing it. All I have seen as of late are Manufacturers trying to give us what we have been asking for for years, then read as modelers kick the stuffing out of the products they give us as we now live in a modeling epoch where aftermarket proliferation is the norm. I for one still view sandpaper as one of the best tools we have. I still use paint brushes, and I do use some aftermarket when I want to ( and can afford to). I am no longer involved in the aviation Industry so money is an issue - I do not live on credit, and if I cannot stump up the cash, I don't have it. HK's Lancaster is over twice the price of the Liberator kit - and I am sure it is a very good kit (I have not actually seen the kit except on the you tube videos so I cannot comment on it further), but we all...read that as WE ALL as modelers need to be getting in behind these Manufacturers and providing them the revenue they require to keep us in kits we can enjoy moving forward. I can go into the mathematical and physical (Engineering) issues surrounding airfoil sections and the design requirement for aerodynamic efficiency; that however is not a conversation for this page, and it upsets me to see this is what we are coming to here Gentlemen. Again, if you are not happy with a product, contact the Manufacturer and offer them constructive criticism, and do not buy the kit. I for one am simply looking forward to getting my Liberator, and doing the best I can to enjoy the product and by extension my hobby. 20 years ago we would not be having this conversation. In closing, I wish you all - my fellow modelers - a very merry Christmas and safe and happy new year.
  4. Oh dear..perhaps one of our esteemed Administrators could make a tentative inquiry... ???
  5. Ralph; you Sir are one of the modelers out there in a rare and sadly dying breed who happily build models for the sheer enjoyment of building models. You really are a breath of long needed fresh air in our hobby and I for one applaud you. Enjoy your retirement.
  6. -Sorry Gus for wasting your time...I have figured it out.
  7. Good Evening Gus, beautiful work in the cockpit; grey hues really do set off all that detail Aires provides in their products. ..And don't worry about the chaff dispensers my friend; mask them off when you put the 2 fuselage halves together and use a good water based putty...no sanding! (All you need is a wet finger, and don't mention that to anyone else either!). While I'm here Gus...how do you upload images for your articles? I would really like to put something together early in the new year when work settles down and the Christmas season is over...
  8. That's incredible work, and the very reason I have never, and will never, sample the delights of Wingnut Wings...even with glasses I struggle with anything smaller than 1/48 now...
  9. ....Love the 1/24 cat you have there for scale ...
  10. Hi Johnny, I look at what you have achieved and I feel you have done those old moldings proud - I'm sure somewhere there's an old retired mold/modelmaker from Monogram looking at what you have created and smiling childlike to themselves over their coffee...
  11. I am currently wading through the wheel sets on Takom's Maus...a job that would normally drive me mad;- but that detail, and the way in which the pieces all fit is simply jaw dropping.....thanks Jeroen for your look at another of these brilliant products. Dennis
  12. ...I remember doing this kit, the Liberator, B-25 and Hustler when I was - if memory serves me correctly - when I was about 14 (I am now 50), and still remember putting them together. Over the years I have contemplated having another go at some of them now that I am older and have the skills and experience to do these projects the justice they deserve. Many thanks Johnny for this blast from the past - I'll follow this project with keen interest.
  13. Beautiful finish Johnny...sorry to be the fly in the ointment though...those tyres look a wee bit deflated to me. As a former Pilot/First Officer on the 737-200 aircraft, if I found a tyre looking that on pre flight checks I would be on the blower to the ground Engineering staff promptly. Please don't take that as criticism though - I love your model (I built one of those years ago and looking at your project took me back many, many years...). Thanks for the trip down memory lane...
  14. ...A few years back now I had the exact same problem with Trumpy's 32 Thud kit...and then I discovered there were (and this is just hearsay amoungst us, and nothing confirmed through Trumpeter itself) probable quality control issues in that mold release chemicals were not being removed at the manufacturing phase. This resulted in any application of paint - acrylic or enamel, separating from the pieces. It was only after washing ALL parts with detergent and water did the issue resolve itself. I haven't put together anything from Trumpy lately so I am unqualified to comment on their more recent releases, but it would be interesting to see whether you other guys out there have had similar issues...
  15. Many thanks Gus...just finished moving from one end of this country to the other... Now I cannot decide what the first new project for my new workbench will be!!
  16. Fantastic finish Barry - are those fuselage markings decals or painted on?
  17. Hi Gus - Lovely job (Not that I was expecting anything else from your stable...LOL!!)
  18. Hi there Mish, really nice work! Great weathering around the engine mount area. I remember the wing folds on both Trumpy's Grumman Avenger and Skyraider kits being designed to 'fold', as it were, and completing them in the conventional sense made for the path of most resistance being the path of most work as well. Again, I agree with your decision to mount the wings as you have, and I think (in my humble opinion, anyway) what you have completed there is most impressive! Well done!
  19. -You can try the old 'snail mail' - write to them at the address on their boxes, and mark your correspondence Public Relations. The more direct way is by phone; International tolls will give you Tamiya's number - believe me, their English (if that is your first language) is as good as anybody's. Just ask to be put through to their International Public Relations Offices. Tamiya do have an office in the States if calling Japan makes you slightly nervous. They are very friendly and helpful. I hope this helps!
  20. Good lord my friend! - I would keep an eye on the F-16 Gus, as it appears fate really is after you!
  21. Hi there Rick, I am terribly sorry to read about your plight; I know from bitter experience how it feels to loose a loved pet (it really can feel like one of your children) - ...my deepest condolences Rick, and I hope the road to recovery is relatively trouble free. All the best, fellow modeler...
  22. I see Gus there have been some issues with photo bucket - see how you get on.
  23. Good Afternoon Gus;- Any progress on the F-16?
  24. I gotta go with Gus here Cees....I work hard for the hobby budget I get to spend on our fantastic hobby, and I cannot justify paying over 200 quid on Tamiya's kit when Revell's can be had here for 50 New Zealand Dollars (even taking into account the added engine) - sorry big T.
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