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    Anything that involves glueing plastic then weathering the thing to death!!
  1. That's incredible work, and the very reason I have never, and will never, sample the delights of Wingnut Wings...even with glasses I struggle with anything smaller than 1/48 now...
  2. Dennis.E

    Kitty Hawk Mig 25

    ....Love the 1/24 cat you have there for scale ...
  3. Hi Johnny, I look at what you have achieved and I feel you have done those old moldings proud - I'm sure somewhere there's an old retired mold/modelmaker from Monogram looking at what you have created and smiling childlike to themselves over their coffee...
  4. I am currently wading through the wheel sets on Takom's Maus...a job that would normally drive me mad;- but that detail, and the way in which the pieces all fit is simply jaw dropping.....thanks Jeroen for your look at another of these brilliant products. Dennis
  5. Dennis.E

    Building Revell's 1/48 B-29

    ...I remember doing this kit, the Liberator, B-25 and Hustler when I was - if memory serves me correctly - when I was about 14 (I am now 50), and still remember putting them together. Over the years I have contemplated having another go at some of them now that I am older and have the skills and experience to do these projects the justice they deserve. Many thanks Johnny for this blast from the past - I'll follow this project with keen interest.
  6. Beautiful finish Johnny...sorry to be the fly in the ointment though...those tyres look a wee bit deflated to me. As a former Pilot/First Officer on the 737-200 aircraft, if I found a tyre looking that on pre flight checks I would be on the blower to the ground Engineering staff promptly. Please don't take that as criticism though - I love your model (I built one of those years ago and looking at your project took me back many, many years...). Thanks for the trip down memory lane...
  7. Dennis.E

    You all better sit down for this one!

    ...We really do live in halcyon times with respect to our fantastic hobby...I just hope the armchair 'modellers' out there don't all line up to slam it the same way they have with the new 32 Lanc and Liberator kits....
  8. Dennis.E

    Trumpeter 1/32 A1-J Skyraider

    ...A few years back now I had the exact same problem with Trumpy's 32 Thud kit...and then I discovered there were (and this is just hearsay amoungst us, and nothing confirmed through Trumpeter itself) probable quality control issues in that mold release chemicals were not being removed at the manufacturing phase. This resulted in any application of paint - acrylic or enamel, separating from the pieces. It was only after washing ALL parts with detergent and water did the issue resolve itself. I haven't put together anything from Trumpy lately so I am unqualified to comment on their more recent releases, but it would be interesting to see whether you other guys out there have had similar issues...
  9. Dennis.E

    Tamiya Spitfire MkXVIe

    Many thanks Gus...just finished moving from one end of this country to the other... Now I cannot decide what the first new project for my new workbench will be!!
  10. Dennis.E

    Royal New Zealand Air Force SBD-4 Dauntless

    Fantastic finish Barry - are those fuselage markings decals or painted on?
  11. Dennis.E

    Tamiya Spitfire MkXVIe

    Hi Gus - Lovely job (Not that I was expecting anything else from your stable...LOL!!)
  12. Dennis.E

    1:32 Trumpeter F4F-4 Wildcat

    Hi there Mish, really nice work! Great weathering around the engine mount area. I remember the wing folds on both Trumpy's Grumman Avenger and Skyraider kits being designed to 'fold', as it were, and completing them in the conventional sense made for the path of most resistance being the path of most work as well. Again, I agree with your decision to mount the wings as you have, and I think (in my humble opinion, anyway) what you have completed there is most impressive! Well done!
  13. Dennis.E

    sending suggestions to Tamiya directly

    -You can try the old 'snail mail' - write to them at the address on their boxes, and mark your correspondence Public Relations. The more direct way is by phone; International tolls will give you Tamiya's number - believe me, their English (if that is your first language) is as good as anybody's. Just ask to be put through to their International Public Relations Offices. Tamiya do have an office in the States if calling Japan makes you slightly nervous. They are very friendly and helpful. I hope this helps!
  14. Dennis.E

    F-16C Barak

    Good lord my friend! - I would keep an eye on the F-16 Gus, as it appears fate really is after you!