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  1. I remember taking a close look at this (B-17) air frame in Hendon, North London, and considering the thin aluminium skin of the B-17. I am myself a Military Veteran, but it makes my skin crawl how conditions must have been at two miles (plus) high, sucking your air through a rubber tasting mask terrified that any skin exposed to the sub zero air would freeze solid in seconds, constantly scanning the sky for the inevitable hail of cannon shells that would have caused insurmountable damage to the air frame, and unthinkable damage to the aircrew....somehow to call the lads who manned these planes over Europe with the 8th Air force brave just doesn't quite adequately say it....
  2. Gus;- your wife and mine need to have a wee chat....I can only dream of having dearest front up with one of these beauties! Good luck with the new project!
  3. Outstanding Gus! I feel honored to have helped out in a small way - sorry the salt fading didn't pan out for the best though. You really have done that particular Tamiya kit the justice it deserves Gus, which begs the question...what's next? Cheers Dennis.
  4. Many thanks for that Gus - I am looking forward to you completing this project!
  5. Good Afternoon Gus, You have really hit the nail on the proverbial head here! Tell me Gus, you mentioned Uschi weathering powders; where would I get these? Would Hannants have them? This project is going to look great next to your Mig Gus.
  6. Very nice work - excellent treatment of those horrible seams!
  7. Micha - I would like to put forward a long held theory of mine that the best aircraft modelers either come from a background of building, painting and weathering tanks and/or military hardware, or intersperse the odd tank/military project with their current aircraft projects. I say this because the weathering of tanks teaches one so much with regard to technique, application, color modulation and manipulation, washes and pastel application (including the use of the humble pencil - a technique I have also used in the past)that can be utilized upon aircraft, and take an ordinary model to the next level. Your project is quite beautiful Sir - well done!
  8. Quite exquisite work on the landing gear Sir - if I had the money I think I would plump for one of these kits!
  9. With your Trumpy Flogger still fresh in the memory Gus I am really looking forward to seeing what you have achieved here Sir...
  10. I would tread carefully here Rick...color is highly subjective, even with actual mix ratios ( Which themselves could proove troublesome as both Nakajima and Misibushi both amended their color ratios as the war waged on through 1943/44 into 45). Once applied color becomes subject to atmospheric and diurnal variations, especially down here in the Pacific regions. Add to that ground and aircrew scampering all over the airframe, the corrosive effect of coral dust and salt water spray and cruel levels of humidity...I would apply whatever you are happy with Sir and let anybody try and negate what you have applied...
  11. Recently I had the chance to read Robin Olds' book - It's a tome I would highly recommend to any fan of the Phantom! I'll be following this build with interest Iceman!!
  12. Hey Gus!....You are being left behind Sir! How's it all going?
  13. Hello Danny, Fantastic project and great tutorial Sir! I wouldn't loose too much sleep over the application or lack thereof of the anti corrosion inhibitor (pink stuff) applied to the airframe interior of this aircraft...who is to say it wasn't applied prior to the application of an exterior paint layer in much the same way as many more modern fighter aircraft...down here in Pacific regions Diurnal variations are significant, which together with engine oil, lubricants and coral dust would have reacted with top coats of paint to reveal primer/inhibitor coats (that would be my argument anyway!) Cheers, Dennis