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  1. 1:32 Trumpeter F4F-4 Wildcat

    Hi there Mish, really nice work! Great weathering around the engine mount area. I remember the wing folds on both Trumpy's Grumman Avenger and Skyraider kits being designed to 'fold', as it were, and completing them in the conventional sense made for the path of most resistance being the path of most work as well. Again, I agree with your decision to mount the wings as you have, and I think (in my humble opinion, anyway) what you have completed there is most impressive! Well done!
  2. sending suggestions to Tamiya directly

    -You can try the old 'snail mail' - write to them at the address on their boxes, and mark your correspondence Public Relations. The more direct way is by phone; International tolls will give you Tamiya's number - believe me, their English (if that is your first language) is as good as anybody's. Just ask to be put through to their International Public Relations Offices. Tamiya do have an office in the States if calling Japan makes you slightly nervous. They are very friendly and helpful. I hope this helps!
  3. F-16C Barak

    Good lord my friend! - I would keep an eye on the F-16 Gus, as it appears fate really is after you!
  4. Starfighter Volker Air Base

    Hi there Rick, I am terribly sorry to read about your plight; I know from bitter experience how it feels to loose a loved pet (it really can feel like one of your children) - ...my deepest condolences Rick, and I hope the road to recovery is relatively trouble free. All the best, fellow modeler...
  5. F-16C Barak

    I see Gus there have been some issues with photo bucket - see how you get on.
  6. F-16C Barak

    Good Afternoon Gus;- Any progress on the F-16?
  7. Brothers in plastic, Revell II and IX

    I gotta go with Gus here Cees....I work hard for the hobby budget I get to spend on our fantastic hobby, and I cannot justify paying over 200 quid on Tamiya's kit when Revell's can be had here for 50 New Zealand Dollars (even taking into account the added engine) - sorry big T.
  8. King Tiger build in an Army tent

  9. F-16C Barak

    Arrrrr; the humble aroma of haggis on the open barbie....!
  10. F-16C Barak

    Hi Gus, ...Many happy returns for your Birthday Sir - I trust you had a great day! I'm looking foward to see what you do with this kit Gus - keep up the fantastic work!
  11. B-17G Aluminum Overcast, 10/24/2014

    I remember taking a close look at this (B-17) air frame in Hendon, North London, and considering the thin aluminium skin of the B-17. I am myself a Military Veteran, but it makes my skin crawl how conditions must have been at two miles (plus) high, sucking your air through a rubber tasting mask terrified that any skin exposed to the sub zero air would freeze solid in seconds, constantly scanning the sky for the inevitable hail of cannon shells that would have caused insurmountable damage to the air frame, and unthinkable damage to the aircrew....somehow to call the lads who manned these planes over Europe with the 8th Air force brave just doesn't quite adequately say it....
  12. Soo.... What did you just get???

    Gus;- your wife and mine need to have a wee chat....I can only dream of having dearest front up with one of these beauties! Good luck with the new project!
  13. Tamiya F-15C IDFAF Commando

    Outstanding Gus! I feel honored to have helped out in a small way - sorry the salt fading didn't pan out for the best though. You really have done that particular Tamiya kit the justice it deserves Gus, which begs the question...what's next? Cheers Dennis.
  14. IDF F15C Commando

    Many thanks for that Gus - I am looking forward to you completing this project!
  15. IDF F15C Commando

    Good Afternoon Gus, You have really hit the nail on the proverbial head here! Tell me Gus, you mentioned Uschi weathering powders; where would I get these? Would Hannants have them? This project is going to look great next to your Mig Gus.