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Extreme Reality (AK307)


Publisher: AK Interactive

Andrew Argent • Kristof Pulinckx • Edouard Nouaillier • John Simmons • Gert Mertens • Doozy


Available from AK Interactive for € 23,95




Last month I visited the dutch Scale Model Challenge in Eindhoven. One of the best shows around for armour, figure and diorama highlights. The work that is on display there is of the highest standard en keeps surprising. I was blown away by Aitor Azkue’s crashed Me163 and some rather out-of-the-box pieces, like Andy Argent’s ‘Cycle of Life’. A 1/6th scale bicycle, almost reclaimed by mother nature. I eyeballed it up close for a while and was wondering how Andy pulled off the convincing rust effects, plants, etc.. So imagine my surprise when this title fell unannounced on my doorstep! The main cover photo shows Andy’s work, and the first chapter deals step-by-step with the secrets behind this masterwork J


So what do we get?

A thick glossy cover, binding 128 sturdy glossy pages in a glue bound back. Six well known modellers show off their skills and tricks in clear steps, and comprehensible copy & captions. This book is a great way for AK Interactive to show what their product range is capable of, and comes in a line of titles covering metal paints, diorama’s, rust effects, wood simulation, figure painting, etc… Don’t think that just by copying the steps, you’ll achieve the same level of result though. The photos inside are the result of years and years of experimenting and practising, followed by an ambitious product company that supplies these modellers with amazing products. It’s quite easy to overdo and overuse these products. I’ve seen totally grimed up engines and thoroughly rusted vehicles that wouldn’t even hold up to gravity in real-life.


Anyway! Let’s have a look at the builds covered in this book.


• Andy Argen’t ‘Cycle of Life’

As said in my introduction, this model is big and impressively real. What I like about the step by step building process is the fact that normal hairspray was used for the … hairspray technique, instead of the AK Interactive chipping medium. I can understand why, since the AK chipping medium makes for a very subtle and minute texture, perhaps too subtle for a bike this size. The photographs show every important step in the process, from the bike itself, to the amazing scratch build clutter and plant-life and spider cobs surrounding it.









Kristof Pulinckx’ ‘Bull dozer’

I’m not quite sure what kit this model is made from, since it is not mentioned in the text. The engine however is the one shown on the box art of AK’s Engines weathering set (AK-087). Here they take a look at the entire, finished model of the bull dozer. AK’s primer, chipping medium, paints, varnish, pigments and oils are all used to create a stunning model.




• Edouard Nouaillier’s ‘Walls of Decay’

Amazing scratch building skills are displayed in this chapter, where the fronts of entire houses are built with styrene, plaster and foam. Even before these walls and houses are painted, they look convincing to the eye. Free hand painting, sponge techniques, chipping and various other techniques are used and explained. The end result is placed on the painter’s easel and I guess that’s exactly where it belongs.







• Andy Argent’s ‘Rustic Oil drum diorama’

A simple yet effective diorama with an 1/6th scale oil drum showing off his rust technique.  Yes, again amazing skills in combination with the AK-product range make for a stunning result, but it’s the small fauna that really adds life to this little dio: scratch built butterflies, spiders, snails and a wasp. Stuff that is almost just too little to replicate in 35th scale.  




• John Simmons’ ‘Major Refurb’

This project shows that even a simple die cast model can look pretty convincing with added detail and effective weathering. Heavy use of pigments, subtle chipping and a tutorial on how to replicate a flat tyre make all the difference. What I love about these build stories is that most of them (like this one) starts with a real picture or outdoor find for inspiration.









• Gert Mertens’ ‘Devastator’

As with the previous build by John Simmons, Gert is inspired by a real car he spotted whilst visiting a demolition derby and uses an AMT 1/25th scale kit as a starting point. Hardly any AK products are used in this build, but the results and patina on the weathered and beaten up panelling is amazing. This project teaches us to carefully study the real thing and take loads of pictures, if making an exact replica is your thing.






• Doozy’s ‘Shore’s Café’

What we have here strikes me more as art than simple modelling. Right down to the matching, old wooden driftwood base, the use of various materials and the compostion. A 1/12th Nissan Sunny, backed up by the façade of an old Café/Bar. Old advertising signs, an empty Coke crate. God is in the details. This is underlined in his second featured projects: ‘Bakery in N.Y.’, ‘Gee Bee Café’. If you want to know what that is all about… Buy this title!






OK.. so I wasn't going to share the next one, but what the He!..





AK Interactive keeps hitting us with helpful titles. Not just showing off great work (like us little boys were treated to by for instance Francois Verlinden), but letting the artist take us through his steps one by one. Will it instantly make us great? No. But every little bit helps. This sure is an inspiring title that shows us how much can be achieved with proper weathering and an eye for detail.


Very highly recommended!


A special thanks to AK Interactive for the review.

Available here.


Jeroen Peters

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In my modeling and finishing techniques I tend to lean heavily on my photography - I have always been fascinated by the

effects of time and the elements on structures and the natural way things are changed through time in general.


My Portfolio ' Time Sands' deals with these phenomena, when I'm out there with my camera I'm always on the lookout for these details, textures

and the rich colors that aging bestows on all objects. Now, with all the advanced paints and washes any modeler is challenged to represent

these effects more than ever before. And it is fun, experimenting with weathering and aging.


With kind permission from Jeroen, here some examples of my work to illustrate how this Extreme Reality is all around us, you just need to look...



Wall - Edinburgh UK



Beach wreck - Baile Sear, North Uist, Western Isles UK



Glendaruel, Scotland UK



Simplex bicycle, Amsterdam



Stornoway Harbour, Lewis, Western Isles UK



Fiat G91 Luftwaffe, Rechlin, Germany



Berneray, Western Isles UK



Mig 17, Rechlin, Germany



Jet engine, Rechlin Germany



Citroen, Figueroa, Spain



Bagh Mor, Griomasaigh, Western Isles UK



Catalina wreck, Vatersay, Western Isles UK



Baile Sear beach, North Uist, Western Isles UK



Killin harbor, Griomasaigh, Western Isles UK


All photos: ©George R de Vries - Leica D-Lux 5 - never mind the megapixels, the glass in front does all the work...


Oh WOW friggin wow George! I have also always been mesmerized by the effect time and the elements have on objects. Really cool photo's... Thnx for sharing.

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