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The Great LSP Twins Group Build Starts Jan 24, 2024 - End July 3, 2024 ×

Zvezda's 1/48 Sukhoi Su-2


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Getting ready to start this build, which will be another for a friend of mine. Aside from the kit, I have the interior, exterior and flap sets from Eduard (5 or 6 sheets, total), as well as the SAC landing gear (which I may or may not end up using, depending on whether or not I feel they're actually an "upgrade"). I'm just waiting on the Vector cowl/engine to arrive, which will be the last piece of the puzzle. However, at this point, my friend hasn't indicated if he is sending the M-88 engine/cowl, which is what the kit is supposed to be out of the box, but Vector has improved upon, or the M-88B set, which was a slightly later variation and has a more streamlined shape, with a more "La-5 look" to it. Once I have the cowl set in hand, we'll work out the list of detail options and I'll be diving into this one. Hopefully, by the end of the week, things will be well under way.




I'll post any updates as soon as I have something worth posting!


Thanks for looking,



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I'll be watching this one, got a La 5n in the stash. Be good for an insight to their kits.


Cheers Bevan

I built one or two of their early armor kits, which did not impress me in the least. However, I built their Bf 109F kit a while back and was quite impressed. The instructions can be a little frustrating in translation, but if you are paying close attention it will start to make sense. If there's one thing I really don't like about their kits, it would be the decals. Kind of thick and frosty, so I 'll likely be painting whatever markings we decide on. Reviews of this kit seem to be very favorable, overall.





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The last couple weeks have been crazy busy and there's been some changes made in the build plan for this one. So, I wasn't really able to get back to it until a couple days ago. In short, the Eduard PE sets are very time consuming, but I'm making progress, at least (finally!). Also, the decision has been made to use the later M-88B engine/cowl, as there seems to be more cool schemes available for that option. However, we haven't decided on exactly which scheme, yet. Soon, hopefully, as I always find myself more motivated and I have a mental image of what it's going to look like when completed.







This is only really the beginning of the interior. Still a LOT to be done, but I'm taking it slowly. The PE flap set is also going to be used on this one and it's a huge undertaking. Given that, as well as the design of this kit, I'm trying to carefully plot out, in my mind, exactly the best way to assemble it all. I'll try to keep the thread updated and maintain my motivation!


Thanks for looking and for your support,



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Thanks, Bevan!
I managed to get most of the cockpit done over the weekend. Still plenty to do, but I'm almost ready to button it up!








Also, the M-888B conversion requires that you fill in the access panels on the forward fuselage, then scribe a different one, on the starboard side, only. I haven't scribed it yet, but it's almost ready.







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Today I managed to get the flap bays completed. I started with the starboard side. It was a little rough to start, with several of the ribs popping off while trying to twist them into position. There's plenty of glue staining on this one, but I'm hoping that a priming/painting will cover most of it. The port side, which isn't glued into place yet, is much better. Having learned some tricks from the first side, I was able to keep it a lot cleaner. The fit into the fuselage is perfect, with one exception. You need to cut a notch for the flap bay out of the wing root area. I've outlined that in a photo, below.










Tomorrow, I hope to finish installing the port bay and prime/paint them. So far, so good! :unsure:




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