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Profimodeller Bf110 External Fuel Tank


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Bf110 External Fuel Tank

Sn# 32271



Available here for 18,49 euro’s directly from Profimodeller





What we have here is a set that will definitely give your Bf 110 some range! To be precise: This set should give your Bf110D some range. And that would be the Dragon Wingtech kit, review here. The Bf-110D Zerstörer version had a few different ways to carry additional fuel. The least loved version by pilots and crew-members was the Dackelbauch version, which carried a large lumb under it’s nose/belly that was not detachable. This had a large negative influence to the flight characteristics, speed and added dangers to emergency landings…


The Bf110D1/R1 carried one of these bellies, but also had the capability to carry an additional 2 x 900L wing droptanks (as featured in this review). This kit is also offered by Dragon.




The Bf110D1/R2 carried an 85L droptank under it’s fuselage and the additional 900L tanks under it’s wings (like the D1/R1).


The Bf110D4 Recon version had it’s teeth (MGFF’s) removed and a camera installed. It had the capability to carry either 300L or 900L droptanks under it’s wings.





The set

What we get is the typical sturdy white cardboard box we are accustomed to by Profimodeller. Inside we find a single sheet of photo etch, instructions and 6 resin castings. All in yellow resin. Hardly any flash or cleanup necessary. The 900L droptanks are huge and heavy, so you might want to contemplate additional strengthening when attaching these to the wings. To be honest: what I would do is replace the resin fuel lines with bended copper rods. I would drill a hole in the resin, through the PE plate that covers the wing and the wing itself. That should do the trick!










Big chunks!


The vertical fins are done in resin, and scale thickness wise I believe this to be more precise. PE could well be too thin. They should fit the body perfectly after sanding the droptank tail a bit.







The photo-etch adds great detail to the fuel ports and hatches on the droptank. This isn’t your: let me slap a Quickboost resin upgrade against my model, but rather a model in itself. Just look at all the PE parts that cover these parts! Careful alignment, measuring the holes that need to be made in the underside of the wing and checking reference to see if your version carried these is needed beforehand.  







The instructions:







Dragon offers a series of nice Bf110’s. Yes, they need some TLC and can be a bit of a let down in terms of fit and detail, but they are here and need to be built! This set lets you extend your Luftwaffe collection with some cool Zerstörer / Recon schemes and you don’t need to have a great deal of experience with resin to do so. It’s well researched, accurate and detailed. The casting is clean and needs minimal clean-up. The only thing I’d love to have seen on the box-top is a listing of types that carried these. I think it would be good marketing to add the types to the box or product description (on the site). 


A special thanks to Profimodeller for the review sample.


To order directly from Profimodeller, click here.


Kind regards,


Jeroen Peters


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