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1:32 French Naval Lynx

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So with the 109 out of the way it's onto the next project.


Using this:




And this:




And this:




I hope to achieve something like this:




And so far, I have done this:




I might decide to take a lot of the wash up from the floor as it looks like a squad for French Marines have just vacated leaving the mud from their boots. The paint work on the IP needs finishing along with applying the instrument decals.

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Nice to revell Lynx get some love. It's a cool looking helicopter but you sure don't see hardly any complete builds. I hope revell will continue the trend and produce the Army version as well. I want to build one of these in Gulf War markings in our scale. I'll be following along to see this cool build ;)



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Yes it's a lovely kit Mike and it would be nice Revell would produce some different marks. This one has been on hold due to me being ill and attending model shows. However I have a five day weekend so I should be getting some more done.

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Today's progress on the 1:32 Revell Lynx, This is the Royal Navy HAS.3 which I'm converting to a French Navy Lynx.


Got to take some of the wash off of the rear bulkheads and fit the centre seats.



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