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Fairey Firefly Mk V


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Guys, i have several fisher kits, and their quality is excellent, and even for a novice in resin pretty good buildable, so i have all confidence in this (indeed MLD!!!) Firefly.


And Cees, there is (was) another 1/32 Fairey Firefly FR1, made by the now extinct PMC, Panther Model Club.

It's a vacform as far as fuselage and wings are concerned (also clear parts), but it has a complete resin interior, and gear stuff including wheels etc.

I managed to pick one up right before they stopped business......





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Hi Cees,


I never saw Tigger's vacforms, i have quite some old ones from Doug Feeney, but i wouldn't know what his vac Firefly is like, but i guess the PMC release is equal to the ID originals probably, just your average basic vacform parts, but the resin detailing kit (which wasn't sold together with the PMC kit, you'd have to pay for them seperately) is another story.

And come to think of it, i don't think these parts are resin at all, just "crude/raw" IM plastic parts in a blackish coulor.(haven't looked into them recently)

They remind me of the IM detailing parts that were once included in Combat models F7F Tigercat, very basic, lots of sanding corrections to do, but it is possible to bring it out into an acceptable model.

BTW, PMC's second kit (beside a hint to a skyraider IIRC) was a Dehavilland SeaVixen (have that one too)


I'll try an take some pictures, to show you.



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I am really excited a 1/32 Firefly will finally be released. Beautiful flowing lines, cluttered wings with

Youngman flaps underneath, great radiatorscoops in the leading edges with cannonshrouds and

that graceful curving fin.

Do I need to say more?


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