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  1. Hello Guys. Wohoo! The finished Lanc diorama was awarded 1. prize in the diorama category on Sunday, at this years AROS open scale modelling contest. This one started out as nothing more than some testing and practicing on the Lanc surfaces almost tree years ago, when I heard about the upcoming kit in 1/32 scale from HK Models. I'm really happy that I was able to finish this, for the year of RAF's 100th birthday. Thanks for looking: Cheers: Kent
  2. Thank you very much James, I wasn't sure if I was able to pull this one off. Half of the build is scratch. But I'm very satisfied with the end result. Regards: Kent
  3. Work continues on the different parts for the diorama... First up, some scratched Mk III Bomb Trolleys. Next, a David Brown Tractor from Accurate Armour. The scaffold construction has received some paint. A little preview of the result... Cheers: Kent
  4. kkarlsen

    HPH PBY-5A Catalina (Cutaway)

    Thanks Gentlemen, appreciate the kind words! Cheers: Kent
  5. Thanks Peter ;-) Been working on some parts for a dioarama... Airfix Bedford MWD OOB... Scratched maintenance scaffolds... Cheers: Kent
  6. kkarlsen

    Wish List in three scales

    1/32 Grumman JF2 Duck 1/35 Sikorsky S-61 Sea King 1/48 Blohm & Voss BV 138 Sea Dragon Cheers: Kent
  7. Thanks Rob, yes everything is ether rebuild or scratched. I didn't use the decals from the kit as the photos I've got of the V6 doesn't have black frames. I made my own printet on clear printing paper with only the bolt heads, as the canopy glass was mounted directly on the dark gray frames. Regards: Kent
  8. In the spring of 1940, the German Reichsluftfahrtministerium's (RLM) Technical Office asked the Arado company at Brandenburg/Havel to undertake the design of a bomber/photographic reconnaissance aircraft to be powered by the new turbojet engines under development at Junkers and BMW. No performance details were specified, except that the aircraft should be capable of covering Britain as far north as the naval base at Scapa Flow. The design work at Arado resulted in the first design E370 (Erprobung). On basis of this design the first prototype Arado Ar 234 A - V1 (Versuchsobject) was constructed and flown for the first time on July 30. 1943. Later it was considered to use the less powerful BMW 003 turbojet engines in two more prototypes with four engines. On the prototype (V6) Wrk. Nr. 130006 four BMW engines was mounted separately under the wings, using the mounts for the rocket boosters for the outer engines. This was to become the worlds first four engine'd aircraft. Wrk. Nr. 130006 was given the code GK+IW and it's maiden flight was done on the 25. April 1944. The prototype of the Arado Ar 234 A (V6) Wrk. Nr. 130006 GK+IW with the characteristic 'take off dolly'... The base kit for this build is Fly Models 1/32 Arado Ar 234 B-2. The build required some massive conversion to the kit. 1) Fuselage was narrowed. The fuselage was later widened to accommodate the landing gear of the production models. 2) Engine nacelles have a different shape to fit the early BMW 003 engines. Landing skids under each nacelle. 3) Complete 'overhaul' of the cockpit, incl. canopy and instruments. 4) The characteristic 'take off dolly' had to be scratch build. 5) Kettenkrad by Zoukei-Mura. Thanks for looking: Kent
  9. Thanks Gent's Maru/Jeroen, appreciate it. The kit has been in my stash for 40+ years. When I heard it was going to be available in 1/32 scale, I used it to get to know the 'Lanc' and as a test to see what is possible in regards to detailing this iconic 'bird'. Right now I'm working on parts for a diorama for this one... ;-) Cheers: Kent
  10. kkarlsen

    HPH PBY-5A Catalina (Cutaway)

    Thank you! Appreciate it. It's been a long 'journey' and sometimes an arduous one, but I'm happy with the final result. Cheers: Kent
  11. Long time since my last post. Have been busy working on HPH's giant PBY-5A Catalina... Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina Flying Boat - Bureau number 7277/20 of VP-93 US Coast Guard. This Catalina was assigned to the Greenland Fleet Air detachment at Bluie West One (Narsarsuaq) during WW2. PBY-5A taxiing on the Greenland icecap. The left side has been opened up, to make it possible to see all the beautiful interior details HPH has put into this great bird. A couple of interior shots... A final touch, interior lighting... Hope you like it, thanks for looking: Cheers Kent
  12. Hi I've just received the prizes for 'Best Aircraft' from Richard Andrew at Aviattic. I decided on some of their figures for the future projects I'm working on. But most of all, I absolutely needed their 'German Fuel Cart' This photo shows a cart very similar to the one Aviattic makes, still in use at the Air Marine Station in Copenhagen around 1930.
  13. Thanks Cees, this project started out as little more than a test, to see if it is possible to bring some life into the huge surfaces of the Tamiya Lancaster. Although not perfect, I'm quite happy with the result, it does open up some new possibilities with old kits and scratchbuilds...
  14. The next issue of AIR Modeller (Meng) october/november 2017 will have an article on the /4th Squadron diorama build... I'm very proud that this has been made possible...