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  1. Woohooo!!! Rigging done! A quick snapshot to celebrate...
  2. I do understand you. The rigging amount is absolutely terrifying and it takes a while to get the hang of the techniques required. I really do look forward to finish the rigging and get back to some 'modelling' Regards: Kent
  3. The diorama base, with basic colors... Rigging chaos using a mix of elastic thread and monofilament... About halfway with the rigging...
  4. I allready have 'butterflies' in my stomach, from the task ahead of me, hopefully all will go well...
  5. Some time since my last update... Been busy decaling and adding details to three S.e.5a's The 74th Squadron is on it's way... Squadron leader Keith Logan "Grid" Caldwell (NZ) - D6864 James Ira Thomas "Taffy" Jones (GB) - C1117 "T" Frederick Stanley Gordon (NZ) - D3438 "Z"
  6. Thanks Jeroen, appreciate it!
  7. The three Wolseley Viper engines... The three Wolseley Viper engines with their converted cowlings...
  8. An update on the build. Finally done with the airbrush work. Allmost went crazy with all the masking tape for the ribs, but thats now a thing of the past... I did order some authentic colors from Misterkit, PC-12 and Clear Doped Linen RFC/RAF, but I wasn't happy with the nuances, So I ended up doing my own mix as usual...
  9. Some shots of the interiors, before closing them up... A lot of work about to disappeare...
  10. Assembly of the fuselages and tails... Top wings masked for some shading... Bottom wings ditto...
  11. Thanks Jeroen, this time I do plan to put wings on the three planes... So, I decided to scratch some early british Sutton Harness seatbelts, I do not know if it's correct but maybe they would have been in use late 1918? Using tape, sheet styrene and lead wire for the seatbelts... Also reworked the control colums...
  12. Very nice weathering, I like it! Cheers Kent
  13. So after finishing the Mosquito project, it's time to get back on the S.e.5a project... For some time I have been practicing doing WWI instrument panels using different techniques and with various results. Still a lot to learn. Now i think I will move on, bringing these 'oldtimers' together. Added new frames and wires into the fuselages... It's good practice, having to do many at a time... The wings are primed and ready for assembly... (Replaced the kit fuellines with brass wire) Instrument panels... Experiment using real wood for the panel + Eduard instruments, a scratch build magneto, copper wire, brass tube and a scratch build Creagh-Osborne compass.