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  1. Hi I've just received the prizes for 'Best Aircraft' from Richard Andrew at Aviattic. I decided on some of their figures for the future projects I'm working on. But most of all, I absolutely needed their 'German Fuel Cart' This photo shows a cart very similar to the one Aviattic makes, still in use at the Air Marine Station in Copenhagen around 1930.
  2. So Gent's I'm getting ready to join this Wingnut Wings Group Build... And this will be the theme of my entry... This nice photo of a squadron of S.e.5a fighters, is the inspiration for my project. Lets see how far I get...
  3. So this is one of my on-going projects, I would like to share with you... It's been on the bench, on and off for quite some time now, well originally I bought it around 1978-79. About a year ago, around the time I heard about the upcoming HK Model 1/32 Lancaster, I decided to take it apart and start over again, using it as a test build, to improve my detailing skills... Getting to know the Lancaster. First my scratched cockpit interior.... I'm not to comfortable with the 1/48 scale, it really is difficult to detail this. Only After Market Assessories are Eduard Seatbelts... These are photos from around a year ago, I will upload some more of the build later, when I get the time...
  4. Thanks Cees, this project started out as little more than a test, to see if it is possible to bring some life into the huge surfaces of the Tamiya Lancaster. Although not perfect, I'm quite happy with the result, it does open up some new possibilities with old kits and scratchbuilds...
  5. The next issue of AIR Modeller (Meng) october/november 2017 will have an article on the /4th Squadron diorama build... I'm very proud that this has been made possible...
  6. Hi Rob. I've used a type of heavy Aluminium foil for embossing, available in art/hobby supply stores. The advantage of this thick foil, is that it is possible to 'stretch' it somewhat during the fitting process. It does also not wrinkle. The foil pieces are cut to fit the some of joint lines. They are sanded on the backside and the rivetting is done from the inside out with a 'Rosie the rivetter' tool to make it look authentic. The foil is glued in place with contact glue. I know it sounds like a daunting task, but it isn't really that hard to work with. I'm not sure if it would work if used for a all metal finish, that remains to be tried... ;-) Regards: Kent
  7. Finally got around to the painting job on this one... I think the work with the aluminium sheet cladding payed off, it's no longer the smooth plastic but a more irregular metallic surface...
  8. HK Models Lancaster new...ish

    It's alive?
  9. EX0 Error

  10. Meteor T.7, G-BWMF

    Love that paint job, a lot! Regards: Kent
  11. Hi Fran, I'm deeply honored by being awarded these prices, thank you so much! Best Aircraft (judge Daniel Zamarbide) Best 3rd vehicle/best concept:(Judge José Brito) Kind regards: Kent Karlsen
  12. Well, enough research for now - The Build of "Old Ironsides III" will continue in this topic: This weekend, i finally got on with the B-25J build... First up, I'v been adding some more details to the Norden Bombsight in the front of the nose. It was then mounted in the nose Compartment and painted.. I was also able to add a some more detail to the back of the cockpit. Navigational Maps in the back of the Pilot's Seat + a Flare Gun. Details i picked up looking at the Cockpit of the Cavanaugh Flight Museum's B-25J Mitchell "How 'Boot That". One of the most authentic restored B-25's. And a little view, behind the Instrument Panel... The Cockpit is finally Done, Finito, Finish!
  13. So I am ready to start off my new project - Hong Kong Models 1/32 Mosquito B Mk. IV Series II
  14. And some close-up photo's of the build... The three planes are the ones of Squadron Commander Keith 'Grid' Caldwell NZ, (D6864), James Ira 'Taffy' Jones C1117 'T' GB and of Frederick Stanley 'Freddie' Gordon NZ, D3438 'Z' - The last one without the wings, is done as C6459 'C'. It could have been the one flown by Sydney 'Timbertoes' Carlin, but I have not been able to confirm this. Thats it, I hope you like it... Regards: Kent Karlsen
  15. This diorama has been in the making (in the back of my mind) for a long, long time and I almost cannot believe that it is finally done. So here are some photo's of the finished diorama...
  16. Finally my diorama build has now come to an end. It has been an adventurous journey into 'The Great War' almost 100 years ago. It's a depiction of a day in the No. 74 Squadron based at Clairmarais, France 1918. The pilots of No 74 Squadron have just returned from a successful patrol. On 30. July 1918, 'taffy' Jones brought down three German planes, a Rumpler C and a LVG C around noon and a Fokker D VII at 17:50 in the evening. The Squadron Commander Keith Caldwell, also brought down a Fokker D VII on this day... Its first operational fighters were S.E.5as in March 1918. The squadron served in France from April until February 1919, when it returned to Britain where it was disbanded on 3 July 1919. During its wartime service, it was credited with 140 enemy planes destroyed and 85 driven down out of control, for 225 victories. Seventeen aces had served in the squadron, including Victoria Cross winner Major Edward Mannock, Ira "Taffy" Jones, Benjamin Roxburgh-Smith, future Air Commodore Keith Caldwell, Andrew Kiddie, Frederick Stanley Gordon, Sydney Carlin, Frederick Hunt, Clive Glynn, George Hicks, Wilfred Ernest Young, Henry Dolan, Harris Clements, George Gauld, and Frederick Luff. (Wikipedia)
  17. I've ordered some books for this subject, great info and photo material regarding The Royal Flying Corps and the S.e.5a... Also managed to get some wheel choks done...
  18. Thanks, maybe it's because they have just returned from a successful patrol? On 30. July 1918, 'taffy' Jones brought down three German planes, a Rumpler C and a LVG C around noon and a Fokker D VII at 17:50 in the evening. The Squadron Commander Keith Caldwell, also brought down a Fokker D VII on this day...
  19. Thanks, yes I'm using oils on a base of different shades of acrylics, tan, desert yellow etc... just like when I'm painting wood, but without the woodgrain ;-)