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drawing artwork for custom photo etch?


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I want to make some custom photo etched parts which require me to do the artwork, but for some reason I can't get past the artwork part. I'm guessing the answer is obvious to one of you, but for me I just don't see it.


Is the following set of steps the best way to go about it, or am I missing something?: 

-research the part I want and figure out the size and final dimensions I need it to be 

-make some vector drawings on my computer scaled up from its final size so its easier to work with using a 2D drawing program 

-scale down my drawings to final size and print off a test to confirm the size and dimensions are correct 

-make any adjustment as needed 

-print off the artwork and photo etch 

Is this about right, or am I missing something?

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That's a good article if you want to do the etchings yourself but its a bit 'old tech' now. The best way is to CAD up the artwork and email it to an etching company. I do etching artwork all the time and use a company in Scotland ( PPD ltd ) who have a good description on their website. All the professional modelmakers in London use them. It doesn't matter while you're drawing up in CAD whether its full size or model size the only thing to do is print it out at scale on a printer to check whether what you've drawn is visible. There are some important rules regarding line thickness relative to metal thickness which is explained on their website.


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Thanks , I will re-read that article again.

I need to do a cap badge for my 120mm fig dio.

This is where creating artwork and sending it off would be too expensive , for a 4mm x 4mm item!

I have all the required materials and tools to do the custom etch , all tolled it came to under $350.00 .This is for a tank & pump , heater , chemicals , laminator and material for lamination. Googling circuit board fabrication helps, its essentially the same process ,all my tooling is related to CB work.

Still and all I am hesitant to go through a full set up for just the cap badge. I may need to come up with some more project artwork before going for it.

Cap badge required:


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