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1:35 Railway Track (European Gauges) Miniart


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Buildings & accessories Series


1:35 Railway Track (European Gauges)


Catalogue  #35561


MiniArt has treated us with some new and innovate model kits. This set, despite it’s apparent simplicity fit on this description. Once assemble it supplies us with 686mm of 1:35 (WW2) railway track. Very useful for a railroad diorama with a draisine, or a flat wagon cargo with a Tiger or SU-122, this set is highly detailed and it almost a shame to hide some detail on the weathering process so typical on this kind of environment.

What’s on the box?

When we open the small and compact paper box, we are presented with a plastic bag containing 8 sprues with beautiful rail tracks (Rail, wooden sleepers with molded in fixing mechanisms, joint bars and attachment nuts).

In a closer look…

In a first glance, the detail on the wooden sleepers are very nice with individual detail between them.
I also notice (and it’s visible on the photos) the detail on the rail fixing bolts.


Bolts, bolts and more bolts..

For each sprue provided, you’ll get 10 bolts to glue on the fixing section on the sleepers.


The rail itself is well detailed with location pins to facilitate the assemble process into the sleepers


The instruction are very simple and direct, with clear draws of the building process. (yeap, that’s 80 bolts to glue)

There’s no painting guide, but a quick search on the global knowledge of the internet (aka google), there’s plenty of images to inspire a well-worn, weathered and beat up look on the railway tracks.
And as so, I took the liberty to add some photos taken today on near a Portuguese rail road station (Devesas).  Please be inspired!



Miniart, once more did his homework on this relative simple but detailed set, as it almost the track itself could be assembled and presented as model itself and not as complement on a diorama.


I wish to thanks Miniart for the review sample.
Ricardo Veríssimo


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