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1:35 Railway Track w/Dead end MiniArt


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1:35 Railway track with Dead end



Available at any good shops



As my previous review this set highlights the latest releases from MiniArt. Simple, highly detailed set containing a 342mm of railway Track with a dead end (or also called a buffer stop).

In the total, 90 plastic parts are provided.

According to Wikipedia and I quote:

“A buffer stop or bumper (US) is a device to prevent railway vehicles from going past the end of a physical section of track.

The design of the buffer stop is dependent, in part, on the kind of couplings that the railway uses, since the coupling gear is the first part of the vehicle that the buffer stop touches. The term "buffer stop" is of British origin, since railways in Great Britain principally use buffer-and-screw couplings between vehicles.”


What’s on the box?


The relatively small but compact paper box present us, upon opening, a plastic bag with all the content properly align and secured. In the bag there are 8 sprue's (4 for the railway tracks, sleepers and bolts and 4 for the buffer stop).


In a more close up look



The sprues of the railway track are the same of the ones reviewed here, and they are in fact full of small and very nice detail. The four sprues allows to build two lengths of railway track.




And what about a bumper?


The sprue layout :



This sprues represent the buffer inner frames, and once assembled represent the iron beams that compose the real thing.



The pictures above show the parts that represents the metal plates that simulate the external frame of the buffer. They are simple but efficient parts of the sub assembly. I particularly like the nuts and bolts details of the structure, as they stand out once painted and properly weathered.


An also visual interesting detail is the wooden pattern of the plate that makes the rail wagon stopper. For this part MiniArt recommends that a white and black stripes should be applied on the finished model.



One A4 paper (front and back) divided in 8 steps with simple and effective draws.





Miniart, once more did his homework on this relative simple but detailed set, as it almost the track itself could be assembled and presented as model itself and not as complement on a diorama.




My thanks to Miniart for the review sample

Ricardo Veríssimo



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