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1:35 German sitting Civilians - MiniArt

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“German sitting civilians”

 (1:35 Miniatures series)


Catalogue #38006
Available from any good model shop


Miniart is continually adding some interesting items to their catalogue and tis set is an example of that.

Here a set a civilians Germans, all sited but in different body postures.

I really don’t understand why Miniart gave the name German sitting civilians as they could only putted “Sitting Civilians” because I can´t tell the different of these faces to some French civilians for that same age and time.


This set is on a typical MiniArt style box of thin cardboard with openings either end and a nice box art on the front of the box. The back of the box is where are instructions (kid of instructions) and colour profiles. 



The full set of 5 figures is made by 5 light grey sprues of the same size, and one small piece of paper which has some old newspapers and magazines for the use with the figures.


The latest figures I reviewed from Miniart was a bit disappointed about the soft details and lots of flash (see here), that as not usual on Miniart figures.

So I was quite expecting for some news figures.

And just for the first look they look much better, again on the top quality.

Starting with the clothes I think that are quite well reproduced with some good detaisl. Not as sharp and clear detail as resin but still, very good for plastic.

The type of clothes looks adequate to the 1930/1940 and to see the accuracy of that you just need to google it.




I really enjoyed the tie of both men and the details on their jacket.

For the women my only fear was the reproduction of the fur of the jacket of the lady in the left side of the box (front view). Well check it, nothing to fear from as its not good as resin but is quite good indeed.

The posture and body positions are quite convincing and very well reproduce making all the figures in a natural pose which is a quite hard task to do. The hands of all figures are extraordinary made and give the full bonus to these fantastic figures.












Now the impossible in injection plastic: faces.

Well not so impossible. I`m impressed with these faces of the civilians. Still resin heads are a extra to consider if you have the funds.





In my sample, all the faces have a little mold seam on the side but is quite gentle so its easy to remove.

The facial expression is quite good and I really enjoy it. For the first time, I can say that you, the have limited budget, do not need to get some hornet head for these.

Their sad look, alongside the more intrigued and curious look and the attention look (maybe from Gestapo??) are very well made.

The last but not the least, a little paper sheet in good color registration with maps and cover magazines.






The figure set is quite comprehensive giving the modelers endless possibility for use in dioramas or vignettes, is the complete set is just one of the figures and all that for the price (at least in my usual store) of a resin figure.

However a few limitation: the sitting position for all the figures and the winter clothes.

Very well done Miniart!

Very highly recommended


Francisco Guedes


Our thanks to MiniArt for the review samples.

Available in any good model shop.





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I think perhaps they are "German" Civilians, if only to be used with MiniArt's German Rail Car kit. But they are at least something completely different from the usual Military figures found in this scale.



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