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Miniart 1:35 T-34 Wafer-type workable track links set


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Miniart T-34 Wafer-type workable track links set

WWII Military Miniatures series

176 parts






Miniart has been treating us with a series of new and detailed models that even builder on a OOB perspective, look very convincing.

As recent reviews show, the focus on the T-34 family, is making available as separate model parts like the engine and on this case, the tracks-

When I first set my eyes on the box, it came to my mind the ancient 1:35 T-34/76 from Tamiya (first release at 1975), and what a great improve on this model this set would bring.


Tracks and more tracks

This particular set allows to assembly one set of tracks, and is the same supplied on the Miniart 1:35 SU-122 and SU-85 already reviewed here.





The tracks are composed by two types: one with guide tooth and another without it and that resumes also the assembly sequence (36 pieces x2 per track side).



The instructions are presented on the back of the box, simple and direct.


Let’s get practical


OK, so in the box states “Workable” and I was really curious to find out. So let’s go to the workbench.



The tools for the trade… Kit parts,  a cutter and a SU-122 road wheel!

The link removal process is simple and strait forward. Minimal clean up is required in order to pass to the next stage – assemble.


Well, in this stage I noted a small issue on the tracks assembly there is a small pin on the external connection of every track with guide tooth. That plastic pin needs to be “clicked” on the external guides of the other track link. What’s happens it that in order to properly connect and make the track movable, in some tracks the pin simply snaps ,  making necessary the application of glue. That fact removes some “workable” action into the final assembly. The pins are delicate and if broken they are unable to hold the tracks together

For the small test, the pictures speak for themselves.




Miniart supplies us with a more accessible solution to other aftermarket tracks, more expensive and requiring extra modelling engineer. The plastic tracks have a delicate detail and after assembled, even with a bit of glue on some points, add a realistic touch to our model.

In either cases this a high recommended set for everyone who wants to update a older T-34 family offering in 1:35 scale.


My truly Thanks to Miniart for the review sample.


Ricardo Veríssimo




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