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G6 "Rhino" - 1/35 by Takom

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The Chinese manufacturer Takom offers a great kit of the South African gun G6 "Rhino". The kit is a real giant with 6 huge and wonderful detailed tires, each about 1 1/2 size of Russian SCUD or the HEMTT trucks.

The interior of the drivers place is wonderful detailed, the rest of the inside of the  Rhino remains empty - which is no problem as all hatches and doors are moulded in a closed position. 

A main subject of this kit is the chassis with its huge wheels and the wheel suspension which uses most of the parts of the kit. The front axle is steerable, the four struts of the car are consisting of many parts and remain also movable.


I have started to glue the struts together and install these in the side walls of the chassis. Also some small parts of the drivers place were added, before the side walls were glued together, the big floor plate added and some crossmembers and the real wall installed.


Some first parts of the steering were also added under the drivers place, the drivers place received several details already.



Actually it looks like this ...














Next I will airbrush paint the drivers place, paint the details, weathering and dirt. After that the drivers place will get the front and side walls finished, then the roof follows. After that the wheels suspension follows.




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black primer followed some light grey on the upper area and on some hatches ...













Then the base color was sprayed on it. Mixed of dark yellow, beige, brown and grey. The camo was sprayed free hand with brown and dark green. The color plan from Takom was very useful for it :) 








For the weathering I have stared to spray a thin layer highly deluted red-brown color on the lower side of the vehicle as South-African earth. Also the tires were sprayed with that, and some rubber black on the tire-walls.


A washing with Wash for OIF cars from AK Interactive followed. Next step is some dark washing at hte hatches, rivets, corners, .... then some pigments ...










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