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Profimodeller 1/32 Dobbas Container (for Ju-88)


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1:32 Container Dobbas (for Ju-88)


Catalogue # 32216

Available from Profimodeller for €44,95





Dobbas. I had to look this device up! During WW2 Allies and Axis alike developed all kinds of external cargo solutions for planes that were primarily not designed to transport cargo. Varying from personnel, weapons and supplies. During the war the Luftwaffe had a shortage of cargo planes, that were overstretched in use for replenishments of supplies.


This particular device was developed at Rechlin in 1942, specifically for the He-111, Ju-88, Bf110 and Ju87. With a maximum loadout of 1061 Kg it was perfect for carrying the Pak 3,7cm / Pak 5cm / Luftlande Geschütz (paratrooper canon) / Gebirgsgeschütz (mountaineer canon) / Flak-canon 2cm / or a motorbike with sidecar.


I would guess that the photo of the He-111 carrying the field canon shows the barrel protruding, since that’s the only way the gun would fit, and was not fit to be fired while airborne :)


Slung under the He-111:




And under the Bf110:




And Stuka:




And all on it's own...




The kit

This kit is mainly designed to mate with the Revell Ju-88 kit. However: with a little research this set can be made to fit the He-111 as well. The carrying frame you see in the pictures won’t be needed for other types than the Ju-88. What strikes me is that any other brand probably would have taken the easy route and made this set from all resin. However: this would have made the interior details almost impossible, since the sidewalls were very thin and because there is an amazing amount of structural detail for such a seemingly simple structure.




When we open the typical, sturdy Profimodeller box we see 2 smaller boxes containing (and protecting) the bags with resin. We also see two sheets of PE and a small sheet with decals.




The first bag with typical yellow resin contains the main tubular structure of the Dobbas and various tubular structural elements of the carrying frame. We also find here the two sidewalls. There is some light flash on the framing, but that can almost be cleared with the touch of your fingers. No warping and no broken parts.








The second bag contains the black resin as we often see with Profimodeller which is stronger and has more characteristics of plastic than resin. Here we have the wooden floor boards (on which I myself would add more finer wooden texture than they have now, by scraping the teeth of my resin saw over the surface). We also see the optional skees, wheels and some internal details. I love this black stuff. Really adds strength and doesn’t compromise in detail compared to normal resin.




Fastening lugs that are mount to the interior framing to secure cargo:




One of the wheel hubs:




Carrying lugs that connect the Dobbas to the carrying frame:




Floor board:




The last bag contains more tubular structural elements. Again in yellow resin and immediately you can see one warped rod. My advice is too replace simple straight rods with Evergreen rod.




Floor framing:






The photo etch sheets are impressive. Daunting almost. The forward section of the Dobbas can be found here and needs to be carefully curved. One thing to mind here is that there is one panel in this section that should be opened up to accommodate the barrel of a gun the Dobbas could carry. It’s the small, rectangular panel in part #1. The pro of using PE to make the outer panels is that you can pose this Dobbas all opened up alongside the plane, without the thickness of resin interfering. Many of the smaller parts go in the inside of the Dobbas, so won’t be visible when it’s all closed up. Another reason to pose it with some open panels and maybe some cargo inside…








The decals:




The instructions are as always simple but effective:








The finished article (from the Profimodeller website):




Carrying frame:







Another exotic subject covered by the capable hands of Profimodeller. Super complete and rich in multi-media detail. If you’re looking for something interesting to add to your Ju-88 kit (or He111, Bf110, Ju87) this could be it. As said: the only small nitt picking I can think of is that the small panel in the forward section of the Dobbas is not supplied separately. On the positive side: the fact that it isn’t makes it easier to curve this part more fluently.


My sincere thanks to Profimodeller for providing the review sample.


Kind regards,


Jeroen Peters


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