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MiG Panel Line Wash (MPLW)


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I've always used Florys wash and I will be using MPLW overall on an aircraft build for the first time.


Big Question On Surface Prep:


An acrylic gloss is recommended to prepare surface for MPLW. 


What do you all use?  I'm thinking on using Tamiya Clear thinned with Gunze Leveling Thinner.   Using Gunze Leveling Thinner a bad idea?


I used MRP overall and the finish is a nice sheen MPLW works fine on MRP surface.  However, should I protect the decals with acrylic gloss?


Any coaching will be appreciated.


Thanks - Rick

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Hi Rick, I've used the panel line washes on my last couple of builds and they're great with a good range of colours. I used Tamiya and Gunze colours but on both occasions sealed things with a gloss coat before use. I find Doogs' technique for this very good - a coat of lightly thinned Tamiya clear then immediately a misting with Mr Levelling thinner. Gives a great finish.

Have no experience with MRP, but I have used the MPLWs straight over Tamiya gloss acrylics in the gear bays and it worked well. If the MRP gives a decent sheen then you'll probably be okay.

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