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Seeking info on 1/32 Mosquito Aftermarket offerings

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Hi Michael,

what is new considering the AM-Situation of the Mossie? All your WNW-birds have been older :).

I decieded for my build to stay with the provided wheels as they are looking great built right out of the box.

I will use the HGW Wet transfers No. 232011 for the stenciling as I have not the best of expierience using Tamiya decals (Corsair) and some Aires 60lb Rockets No. 320064
For the Insignia, Codes and Cockpit I will use Maketar Masks No. 60326. There will be a heavy dose of Brassin (Gun Bay, Nose Guns and Exhausts). The kit engines are ok for me, so no Brassin there. Last but not least some Fabric belts and some Cockpit Placards (I'm not sure if I use them) from Eduard and that is it for my build.

Hope that helps after so many WNW builds. 

Cheers Rob

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Thanks for all this info, Rob! Helpful indeed.....I may go ahead and stock up on these items for the future, but, for now.....I have been shamed away from WWI subjects, and into continuing my efforts with WnW kits. I have the AEG on the bench now and, I think, maybe, probably, most likely, once that's finished, I will start the LVG and follow Bertl's build step by painstaking step.  He really has given us an amazing tutorial that should not only help one build an amazing LVG but improve skill across the board. Either that or slit ones wrists in the attempt!  BUT...there are two Mossies in my stash and the Merlins are humming, begging to be started......so we shall see! LOL!!

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