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  1. Thanks! It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun! Cheers from NYC, Michael
  2. Thanks, guys. This J.1 has long since been installed in a diorama, After the Armistice, which won the WnW diorama GB comp. I appreciate the kind words. Cheers from NYC, Michael
  3. Three thoughts come to mind: 1. If there are no actual photos of this specific plane, it seems you have at least enough info to create an "historically plausible" set of markings. 2. If there are no actual photos of this specific plane, no one can tell you that what you've done is incorrect. 3. I just hit my 60th year of model building and I can tell you, with assurance, that it has been proven, time and again, that 90% of markings were applied as per orders, but, inevitably, for whatever of a million reasons, some planes (and tanks, trains, ships, uniforms, etc etc etc) ended up being marked (or colored, camouflaged, rigged, armed, etc etc etc) differently than the others. 95% of us who build models know this and accept it and get on, happily, with our model building. It's the other 5%, the Experten and Rivet Counters, that should just be ignored. (Or shot.) Case in point: My dad's second tour in the Pacific was in PV-1 Venturas. If you have a copy of PV Ventura in Action, look at the back cover profile. His PV is pictured there and you will see that the wheel hubs are painted blue and white. When the first 1/72 Ventura kit came out decades ago, I decided to build my dad's plane and, when I got to painting the hubs, asked him what the FS # of the blue was. In his classic, old up-from-the-ranks-sailor-made-Captain language, he responded, "oh bullshit....we used whatever damn paint we could get our hands on....there was a war on, God dammit". Jeroen, I applaud you, again, for this excellent build and the sentiment behind it. You rock. Cheers from NYC, Michael PS 60 years??????? Whaaaaat? I know....scary, right. Started at age 5 with an Aurora F9F like the one my dad flew and with a kit he brought home from the Pentagon newsstand. Pretty cool.
  4. You inspire me, Jeroen. I'm changing eras and am about to start my first WWII build in ages....with a cockpit FULL of PE. You may be getting some questions from me! The base is going to be a very impressive and moving object. Bravo for your artistic sensibilities honoring those who were lost. Cheers from NYC, Michael
  5. Just catching up here.....Bravo to you for persevering and finding the print, JP. What a connection to the reality of what happened it makes. I love what you've done with the prop blades. Cheers from NYC, Michael
  6. Very cool, indeed. Anticipation, and heart rate, have increased. Thanks for the extensive write up, James. Cheers from NYC, Michael
  7. Yeah, baby...this is MODEL BUILDING..at its finest! Asses being kicked in Neederland......
  8. Breath deeply and repeat after me, "Ommmmmmmm......" (Lookin' good!!)
  9. This detail work is looking really quite wonderful, Jeroen. Congrats. Will this be at SMC???
  10. "and please put your seatbacks and tray tables in an upright position". (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Man, this is looking damn fine!! Keep up the good work!
  11. Were the "floors", I.e., Decks, made from plywood?? Personally, I love the green...and so soon after St. Paddy's Day. Cheers from NYC, Michael
  12. Gotta say I love the work you're doing, JP, but REALLY love your reverence for the crew and its fate. I wish you could find their descendants to let them know what you're doing. Bravo! Cheers from NYC, Michael
  13. Genau! That's exactly what I need, Euer Gnaden. You have saved my project from certain death! Many thanks!!! Cheers from NYC, Michael Graf von Sunnyside Gardens
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