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  1. Karl, you are a machine!! Looking great!
  2. Heel erg bedankt, Jeroen!
  3. This was my first WnW build, and my first WWI build in many years, and I sincerely enjoyed the whole process. Having wrestled with old Aurora kits, and even Revell and Airfix kits in the 60s and 70s, building a kit from WnW is an epiphany. The turret mounted launching platforms for the Pups, and other aircraft, vary greatly from ship to ship so I created what I felt was a generic, but historically plausible, structure. Same deal with the tie downs, tail support, turret itself and personal markings. Figures are being worked on now. I was thrilled when WnW announced the Ship's Camel and a similar project is now underway using that great kit. Thanks for taking a look. Cheers from NYC, Michael
  4. I'm just catching up on these older builds now, Jeroen. Really wonderful work.....a deft touch, indeed. Your work as a creative director really shows in your model work.....but, of course, both come from the same brain and imagination. Keep 'em coming! Cheers from NYC, Michael
  5. Bless you, Jeroen!! Cheers from NYC, Michael
  6. So...still looking at this thread raises three questions: - How are the ZM kits? I've been building WnW WWI but am being pulled towards some WWII planes, particularly this TA-152. - How did you apply the graphics to the base? - Mr. Hatch, can you pls translate this into American English?: Taking your time paid off, even though I took the pi$$ Cheers from NYC, Michael
  7. The level of imagination is even outweighed by the level of execution. Gorgeous, build, Jeroen. I really admire the paint job, especially the different levels visible. Especially effective on the tail with the swastika etc. Superb base, as well. Glad I started exploring this thread! Cheers from NYC, Michael
  8. trumpeter

    That is some gorgeous work, James. Congrats!
  9. Fran, Is it possible to extend the deadline? I'm sure those of us still at it would appreciate it if you could do so. Cheers from NYC, Michael
  10. How large will the whole diorama be when it's finished???
  11. Here're some pix of making the stove. I think it was an old Verlinden resin piece and I just cut it apart to be able to hollow the interior and add the lighting and coal. BTW, the small riffler-like looking tool in the bottom picture is a souvenir from a root-canal. I'm not sure what the technical name is but they are AMAZING for hollowing out tight spots or enlarging holes....like in a tooth root!:
  12. I used coal from the model RR world and set it in place using diluted white glue. I was amazed at the fire LED. All of those I've seen in the past were really hokey looking but this one really looks the part. I have been getting all my LED stuff from Evan Designs. The people could not be more helpful answering questions, super for someone like me who is a rookie in the field, and usually ship the same day. Working with them has made all the difference and I wish I'd known about them before I installed all the honker 5mm LEDs which are now coming out. http://www.modeltrainsoftware.com/ I tried posting the video I had of the stove but I think it's too big for the site. Cheers from NYC, Michael
  13. First two of eight figures finished...remember, these guys are souvenir hunters! I don't mind that this man's upper half is in shadow. Once everything is in place, it will make sense to the overall scene. This also gives a sense of the size of the Staaken wingtip!: The LED in the stove actually works to create a sense of fire. Cheers from NYC, Michael
  14. Thanks to you guys for weighing in. I had to finish a piece for an exhibition in Philly...been working on it since August but finally delivered it to the gallery yesterday with positive feedback from the curator! So back to the J.I! For my hangar diorama, I wanted to do drop down lighting as seen in a lot of period photos of factories and in some of the photos of hangars. I was pretty surprised to see the wide variety of both very large bulbs and lamp shades, and felt using 5mm LEDs would replicate that look. But, just like happens when you spend months doing a conversion of a certain aircraft and someone then releases an off the shelf kit of the same, after making all the shades and doing all the wiring, I discovered Chip LEDs. So, out came half the work I'd done. More on that in a later post. I made a master of the lamp shade on my lathe, then used the Mattel Vac-u-form I got for Christmas the year they were new! (yes I am that old) to make shades. I wrapped the lower portion with tape to look like insulation. But, after living with it a while, I decided I didn't like the look of any of it, including the incorrect cool bluish look, so, like I said, out they came and I started over. The photo at bottom below is the before image, but will give you some idea of where this is all going. OK....all ahead full now.....less than two weeks until this GB is over! Cheers from NYC, Michael