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  1. Looking for 1/32 Twist Fasteners

    Genau! That's exactly what I need, Euer Gnaden. You have saved my project from certain death! Many thanks!!! Cheers from NYC, Michael Graf von Sunnyside Gardens
  2. Looking for 1/32 Twist Fasteners

    Yes, this helps! This is a brilliant idea, S. Many thanks!!
  3. Has anyone ever seen any after market versions of twist fasteners such as these...either in aircraft or armor? I need them for the AEG nacelle:
  4. A Must See Pair of Tempests built by Mila Hraban

    Absolutely gorgeous!
  5. S.e.5a's - No 74 Squadron, Clairmarais, France 1918. FINISHED

    Very cool news, indeed, Kent! Congratulations!!
  6. And the Winner for Best in the GB is....

    Hey, gang!! Many thanks!! It was a great learning experience and a lot of fun, to be sure. I am really fired up to do more dioramas using WnW kits and am now working on gathering parts and figures to do this AEG diorama...I already have the decals courtesy of Mike Swinburne: Also, I've also finally acquired an Aviattic Marienfeld (Thank You Robert Post!), so I will now be able to move forward with this wonderful Walfisch scene: I chose to get a W.12 from WnW....I did one as the prototype and enjoyed the kit so much, I want to do another as an operational bird.....but that is way down the list! Too many plans, not enough time!! Cheers from NYC, Michael
  7. Seeking info on 1/32 Mosquito Aftermarket offerings

    Thanks for all this info, Rob! Helpful indeed.....I may go ahead and stock up on these items for the future, but, for now.....I have been shamed away from WWI subjects, and into continuing my efforts with WnW kits. I have the AEG on the bench now and, I think, maybe, probably, most likely, once that's finished, I will start the LVG and follow Bertl's build step by painstaking step. He really has given us an amazing tutorial that should not only help one build an amazing LVG but improve skill across the board. Either that or slit ones wrists in the attempt! BUT...there are two Mossies in my stash and the Merlins are humming, begging to be started......so we shall see! LOL!!
  8. Seeking info on 1/32 Mosquito Aftermarket offerings

    Oh, GAWD!!!! I've been caught!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (It would only be a momentary change....)
  9. Hey all, I am sure this has been covered here in depth, but, am just wondering if anything new has been made recently available for the HK Mosquito. After five Wingnuts kits in a row, I think I'm ready for a change of pace.... Cheers from NYC, Michael
  10. 1/32 Fokker D.II WW1 biplane fighter kit

    Well....this is certainly esoteric. Before its all over, we may have every plane that flew in WWI. I love the description: small parts will enjoy being injected...I wish I felt the same at the doctor's office. Edit.....I stand corrected. Tom Morgan just informed me: the Fokker D.II was actually a significant a/c, even MvR flew it a bit. Designed as a transition a/c so pilots used to inline engines could adapt to rotaries such as in the Triplane.
  11. S.e.5a's - No 74 Squadron, Clairmarais, France 1918. FINISHED

    Wow! Kent, this is all gorgeous! Congratulations on bringing an idea into three dimensions. And, also photographing it so well. You have inspired me to get the WnW Albatros Trio and do something similar! I look forward to your next project! Cheers from NYC, Michael
  12. WnW Junkers J I "After the Armistice"

    I'm closing this chapter for now. There are adjustments that will be made before I take this to World Expo I Chicago, but, for now, I am pretty much cross-eyed. Here's where it stands: AFTER THE ARMISTICE - THE SOUVENIR HUNTERS This has been a lot of fun and I have to say I have learned a lot. It's a great bunch of talented guys here and I very much appreciate all the feedback and encouragement along the way. Next up....AEG! Cheers from NYC, Michael
  13. WnW Junkers J I "After the Armistice"

    Just about done..... I decided to add a derelict AEG rudder to go with the wing section. Again, I used Aviattic decals: Cheers from NYC
  14. S.e.5a's - No 74 Squadron, Clairmarais, France 1918. FINISHED

    Wow!! That is gorgeous! Great composition of the scene, too!! End in sight!! Cheers from NYC, Michael
  15. WnW Junkers J I "After the Armistice"

    Thanks so much, Rob. Your kind words are very much appreciated. Und Bertl, vielen Danke Eure Gnaden! Thanks very much! I have learned so much from you that your kind words freut mich sehr. So...a little update......not surprising that every time I post new pix, I see things that still need attention. I'm sure you all know the feeling! LOL! Allied airmen being amazed at the all metal construction: The main door is finished and well hung.....: Thanks for visiting.....on to the finish line! Cheers from NYC, Michael