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3D Printing Anyone doing their own?


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The manufacturing company I work for is heavily into 3D printing for prototyping and has been for a long time.

I've seen the advances and plummeting prices for the printers and wondering of anyone here is doing their own, what printer they're using etc.

Thanks much

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Not yet Douglas...


There's a great difference between the resources at the disposal of a Manufacturing Company, and that of the average Modeller. Anything around the price range that I would find reasonable for such a set-up, is still producing objects that require excessive clean-up. 




So not for me yet, I'm sorry.




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Jeroen, seeing people mention Shapeways is where I got the idea from.

I imagined that they use industrial printers, i.e., accurate and very fast. Speed would be the main thing in making it profitable I would think.

I'm just starting to investigate the current status of "affordable" 3D printers and trying to get a grip how good one has to be in order to create model quality pieces.

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