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Scratchbuilders 32nd aircraft


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Hey all,


Are they as rare as I've heard?


I'd really like to pick up their BP Defiant and their Me 410, but I'm afraid I'd have to remortgage my house to get them..


Any suggestions on how to possibly acquire these kits?


Cheers,  Ian

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Yes they are rare Ian...


The Defiant moreso. There is an Me410 on the market now from HPH, that apparently is an easier build and more readily available. You may find someone willing to part with their Scratchbuilders '410 due to this, but be aware... there were 2 Scratchbuilders versions; the second one being updated and much more accurate in its detail than the initial offering. 




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I have always been interested in the Scratchbuilders Defiant, but having read about and seen the kit contents it's a major project. Although there was an article in SAMI many years ago in which the author made a beautiful model out of it.

I really hope someone would think about releasing one eventually though.


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