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Profimodeller 1/32 He-111 H-22 with V1 attachment conversion


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1:32 He-111 H-22 conversion

with V-1


Kit No. P32314

Available from Profimodeller for €118,-




What we have here is the set you need and want if you want to convert your He-111 H-6 kit into the H-22 version. This is the version that was designed to carry and launch a V1 in mid-air.




 Early in the war the V1’s were launched from the air, rather than from the ground. The strategy was to mount a V1 under the wing of a specially rigged He-111 and to fly at extreme low level towards the British coast. There the He-111 would quickly gain altitude to about 1.500 feet (450 meters) and launch the V1. The He-111 would then head for cloud cover to make it’s escape. The unit that operated these He-111 H-22’s was III/KG53, stationed in the Netherlands.


About 100 of these H-22’s were built / modified and delivered to III/KG 53. In total over 400 V-1’s were launched this way... Most of them targeting London. Since the percentage of V-1’s actually hitting target was too low (about 20%) and about 80 of the 100 H-22’s were shot down by the RAF or AA, the way the V-1’s were launched changed from mid-air to ground installations.




The kit

Ok. This is a really detailed and delicate conversion / upgrade and needs some introduction. Profimodeller first released set P32297. This is the attachment for the V1 to the underside of the He-111 wing. When I first saw this up on their website I knew a V1 would follow soon, since there is no way in hell anyone would buy a detailed and accurate attachment for a V1, when there is no accurate 32nd scale V1 on the market! Don’t even try to mention the 35th scale Bronco offering. Let’s not go there…


Indeed not much later Profimodeller released their V1 (P32279). A cool multi media kit with all the bells and whistles. I have reviewed this kit here. Not much later Profimodeller followed with a transport dolly and loader. A review of the loader (it’s called Anhanger, but it actually is a loader) can be found here (scroll down). At them moment I’m building the Profimodeller Schlepper, Loader and V1 and let me tell you: It will test you, but when you succeed you’ll feel like an actual modeller! Topic here.


In addition Profimodeller also let’s you buy the He-111 H-22 conversion without the V1 attachment, here. Or the He-111 H-22 conversion, including the attachments AND the V1, here.


So to be specific, if you want to go balls out, and make one impressive diorama: what you really want is this set, the loader, Schlepper, crew-set and the V1.

This set alone will give you a He-111 H-22 with a lot of interior detail and V1 attachment points.




I will now walk you through this set to show you exactly what you get.


We have come accustomed to the small, cramped, top opening boxes from Profimodeller, but this one let’s you open the side, to make the contents slide out, protected by a cardboard sleeve. A big package of photo etch, bags of yellow and the famous Profimodeller black resin, a rubber hose, decals and instruction booklets appear.





 The biggest piece of resin in the box is the dorsal turret opening:






Here's a look at the various bags containing resin, rubber, a vac form turret and lots of brass barrels.




First bag of black resin. This stuff is easy to work with and really strong. Profimodeller really chooses where to use the more detailed yellow resin and where to use the strong black stuff:




Nicely hollowed out and detailed flame dampers x 4, for the Jumo engines.




REVI gunsight for the dorsal turret:






The guns are nicely detailed as well. Open trigger guards of course:




Chutes for the spent ammo:




Crystal clear dorsal turret glass:




The Zwilling guns:






Included in this set is another small separate set. This contains flak helmets and oxygen apparatus for the crew. The helmet liners are offered in photo etch. This set also happens to be applicable to the Ju88.






With this oxygen set comes a length of rubber hose you need to cut to length for the various oxygen masks:




Here's the photo etch with the helmet liners and oxygen details:




Now check this out. All the MG barrels are supplied in brass. Looks like Master models quality:






Will you just look at all this photo etch... 

3 giant sheets and two smaller.






Lots of ammo bins...






Bulkheads and lots of interior detail:




See the radio's? 




Here we see the V1 attachment set. The separate instructions for this set were missing from my box, but they're also up on the Profimodeller site:








The decals. Even though I love the way they go down, their colour and detail. I would suggest having masks cut for a bird this size:








The colour schemes. And lots of them! 6 in total.








The instruction booklet is clear but needs some practice and sometimes research to comprehend:



A few more shots from the PM site. 







This set really blew me away. The amount of photo etch is staggering. The level of detail amazing. The only thing I missed in the box were the instructions for the V1 attachment, but these can also be found on the Profimodeller site. From experience I’ve learned that Profimodeller does not compromise on detail. And it’s exactly this trade of theirs that will cost you time and money, but trust me: in the end it’s worth it.


VERY highly recommended.


My sincere thanks to Profimodeller for this review sample.


Jeroen Peters




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