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1:32 WWI Pilots and Mechanics

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1:32 Fighter and Mechanisn of the WWI


Catalogue n.º F32003, F32006 and F32012

Price Tag:€23,50




The name Black Dog is a well know name for all AF modelers with their AFV accessories and conversion.


So WWI figures and in 1:32 is a new thing from Black Dog and a very welcome to WWI scenario as Black Dog is known for the quality.

Today we got the chance of reviewing 3 sets of two figures each.


They all come in a small flip side box with each figure in zip-log bag.

The box art are the figures full build and painted (with the exception of the mechanics set).



Parts were safely secured in small pieces of sphincter and all the resin are very well cast, smooth, and with no bubbles at all or imperfections.


Starting with the first set of German fighter pilots (F32003), both figures are in a standing position, one looking for a map and the other looking to the horizon with a thoughtful look.





Both figures have several parts.

The pilot with the binoculars is made by 5 parts. A single part is the all body (torso, legs and arms). The head and the left hand are in separate.

















Also two sets of binoculars are given, a short and a long version.

The other figure (pilot with the map) is made of 5 parts, being the torso and legs in one piece.











The head and both arms are in separate parts. The connections points are quite good, with a bit of cleaning.


There`s only one head for each figure. The facial expression although is very well achieved.


The hard cover to put the map is in single piece but no map is given. So you have to get some WWI maps to add to this figure.


Both figures have some very good posture and great facial expressions.


The second set of pilots has the same quality casting.




The resin blocks are easy to remove with a small saw.


The body posture is quite well achieved, being natural and credible.












Both figures have little cleaning and construction to do, as the main body (torso and legs) is in one piece.


The clothes details are at the highest level, among of the best.


I love some fines touches like the glove inside the jacket pocket or the movement of the scarf.


The last set, a pair of mechanic.




As the other two pairs, the main torso and legs are in one single piece.

Only one head is given.

















I love the look and body language of one of the mechanic with the cigarrete in one hand and the look like: “I`m totally wrecked… How I´m going to do with this?”


The other figure is also very cool. And in the head, tool in the pocket… he`s saying: “What the ….?” I`m screwed….”



Just love this pair.





These sets have tremendous quality, maintaining the highest quality of these figures, showing why Black Dog is so loved by AF modellers.


All the figures are quite easy to assemble and because of their posture/body language and facial expression, they will easily fit in any diorama with a Wingnut Wings.


        Highly recommended.



          My sincerely thanks to Black Dog for the review samples and for the patience.




(You can buy directly here  and if you do don`t forget to mention Wingnut Wing Fans and Large Scale Modeller)





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