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1:35 Tommy and Lazy Donkey - Royal Model

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Tommy and Lazy Donkey



Royal Model

 (Catalogue n.º 790)

Price Tag: 39.90€

( 24 resin parts and a small PE sheet)

Tommy and lazy donkey represents a caricature and humorous situation, perfectly plausible.

 In this set, we have 3 elements represented in the box art. Tommy, the donkey, and the wagon.

   The soldier stands in a comical posture with his hands on his hip and a smile on his face.

The face has fun expression well achieved. All the posture is of fun and dialogue with the Donkey.





And the donkey's attitude is really laziness and some irony that seems to appear from the donkey's expression.

The detail of Tommy's clothing and his hat is immaculate.

 The donkey, beyond its expression of scorn, has delicious details in its saddle.




At the anatomical level, both figures are very good and well achieved, attentive to the intended objective.

The whole posture of the scene is really spectacular, being the center of any diorama in which it is part.

The wagon is of complex construction with several pieces in resin and the decoration inferior in photo-etched.





This small photo-etched sheet provides this lower decoration which is an interesting and demonstrative detail of the attention given by Royal Models.



The entire lower structure is in resin with well-defined parts.

Wheels are entire parts that need some delicate cleaning.


The parts of the wagon that is wood are a very subtle details wood and the can be accented with a steel brush and will be a personal option for the modeler.



I think the rays and texture of the wood are indeed very slight, not knowing if, under a layer of paint it will remain.

The instructions are only for the wagon and in fact, there is no need for instructions as for the figures.



Instructions are CAD drawings and although they do not have part numbers, they are easy to perceive and understand.


All the resin parts have no distortions or bubbles and the resin chocks are easy to remove.



Another set of great quality by Royal Models and a set that will be the center of a small diorama, giving it a touch of comedy and interest.

The pieces are of high-quality casting and without any distortion or bubbles. The small PE gives an extra touch of quality and detail that is not at all to be overlooked.

I'm already imagining a small road in a North African spot with a Topolino behind Tommy.

VERY Highly recommended.

With my sincere thanks to Royal Models for this review sample. To purchase directly, click this link.




Francisco Guedes



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An interesting subject, that seems well detailed. You could replace the "Tommy" and use practically any other figure from other Forces or situations and it would still work... Such as this one: "Shrek and Donkey!"



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