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MARU 5137

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Being such a inquisitive (well you can call ME Nosey) so and so enquiring minds like to checkout Ads on the Forums FrontPage..in the side bar.

Not good just to know it's there but checking it out ,you get to see see lots of NOICE things.. for instance above link.


Looks very impressive the work done on the rock and vegetation.

Just wanted to share that.   

It can be seen and read in English too. I HAVE NO affiliation to this or any other businesses advertised on the LSM..(if I did I would  be a millionaire by now !  :sofa:  )

Thank you.

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Hi Maru, beeing born in Berlin and living there for the most part of my live I know Martin Hilles Kellerkind Miniaturen well. I own some of the WW1 related figures and they are great and will be used in combination with some Wingnut Wing Projects in the future.

One will be a WNW-Pfalz on snowy grounds, guarded by a Kellerkind "Landwehr Mann" and his little guard hut. Living now in a snow free area, it sometimes feels good to reproduce some of the stuff, for old times sake ;).

If you visit Berlin and are in search for a Pretty unique Hobby Shop, you should try Berliner Zinnfiguren, located in the centre of the City and worth a visit. This is a real old School experience and they carry Kellerkind among many others.

I'm not affiliated in any way (except being an old time customer) to the shop or Kellerkind, but got a little sentimental :).

Cheers Rob

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Hello  Rob..


oh that's AWESOME... I look forward to your extraordinary builds with WnW figures etc.:D

yes So many local hobby stores  WE grew up using;visting and drooling  over and counting ours pennies to buy the next BIG  model was always a joy have sadly being replaced by online stores against whom I HAVE NO problem.. 


but to go down to THE LHS at the weekend as a kid was something I looked forward to WHEN school finished. 

when and IF I get an opportunity to travel to Berlin for a holiday I will surely do as you suggest.. sounds like I could spend all day in there !

Rob Thank you replying to  MY post.:wine:



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