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Vallejo Fleet Air Arm Colour Advice Please


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All, I’ve got a few WW2 FAA aircraft in the stash. I’ve got some Vallejo Model Colour paints that I think are correct in theory for the topsides (70.867 Dark Blue Grey and 70.892 Yellow Olive). However when I put them together they are very low contrast and very dark. Even though this might be correct, I’d rather have slightly lighter versions on 1:72 models - scale lightening if you like.

Has anyone got any advice for Model Colour or Model Air designations for a bit of scale fading or scale lightening for this FAA scheme please? I don’t really want to mix paints.

I notice that in the Vallejo Air FAA set, for the Swordfish the lower wings are lighter versions of the uppers (like a few RAF biplanes I think). Any advice on the true relative lightness would also be appreciated.



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