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Mask cutter? Advice?


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With Christmas coming up, my wife is hounding me for Xmas gift ideas, so something I have wanted, is something I can cut masks myself, after all I use them on 80% of all my builds, and the ones I don’t, I wish I had.

So, I’m looking for some advice on a good cutter that is easy to use, and not more than $200. What have others used? What do you like, what don’t you like, what software is good?

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Not exactly in your budget - more like 300 $, although there may be some good promotions for it around Christmas - , but the Silhouette Cameo is a versatile tool, and good for most modelling uses.

Alternatively, the Curio has some nice additional features, like a second head, the capacity to cut thicker material like thin plastic sheet, and even an embossing feature (rivets lines anyone ?). Its downside is that it is limited in size (roughly to an A4 format) when the Cameo has theoretically unlimited length for 30cms width.

Whichever you choose, I strongly recommend the « Pro » software option. Whereas the embedded basic software can do what you want, the « Pro » option allows to import vector files drawn under another software. A nice feature, even with the basic software, is the vectorising capacity, starting from a pixelated image, like a .jpeg pic.



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