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Scribing and rivet tools?

Guest styrenedemon

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Guest styrenedemon

I need to stop trying to repair lost detail the hard way with improvised tools.


First riveting tools: The Rosie the Riveter looks like how I want to go. I'm just looking to repair sanded away detail., not rivet a model. I see these come in different sizes (i.e. spacings). I'd like both 48th and 32nd....any ideas on what sizes are best. They seem to have multiple sized labeled for each scale. How does this wheel thingie perform around curved surfaces? How do you guide these....dynmo tape?


Scriber: What are the recommendations here? I have the Squadron dental tool one, but I'd like something a little higher up the quality scale. I had seen one somewhere that looked awesome that had a curved part on the flip side for doing around wind edges etc...but I've not been able to find it again.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Ah this is always a favourite subject!


With scribing... I use a Bare Metal Scriber 




I have found this the best scriber that I own. Its only $10 too! - http://www.bare-metal.com/Introduction-To-Using-Bare-Metal-Foil.html


With Rivet tools -


I have the both the MDC rivet sets, Trumpeter Rivet Tool and my favourite a sharpen Pin in a vise



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Guest styrenedemon

Thanks everyone. I'll probably pick up the MDC after the upcoming show (or there possibly) depending on how much I annihilate my budget on kits. I just ordered a Rosie (.75) and a scriber from UMM. I think the Rosie will work well for replacing the stuff I demolish with sanding. 


The bare metal scriber looks a lot like my Squadron one, so I'm a little gun shy since I can't get the one I have to produce something I like. 

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