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Special Hobby Mohawk Mk IV


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Anybody know anything about this kit?




Is that a good price? Does anyone else do a Mohawk in 1:32? I'd like to build one some day so I'm trying to get a feel for what's out there.


Any thoughts are appreciated, thanks.



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Hmm, I've heard mixed reviews about Special Hobby but nothing about this particular kit. Paulster seems to think it's ok with lots of work so I guess it's a roll of the dice.

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It's a badly engineered kit. I bought this kit because my dad very likely saw these things fly overhead, when he was a 7 year old. That is, before the japanese locked him up in a camp.


Cowl is separated from the fuselage halves. It tried to fix the cowls halves to each individual fuselage half first, before closing the fuselage completely.

The fit of the fuselage was poor, and due to its minimal contact area, the cowl snapped off.

I tried reinforcing strips on the inside, but hey hey, whadduyuno. That's where the bulkhead is. IIRC instrument panel was too large for the cockpit.

Don't even start about the fuselage wing joint (i dry fitted). It isn't there.


There is a reason why you don't see many built-up fotos of this plane.



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Thanks for the thoughts, everybody, and thanks for waving a giant red flag, MBB. It's taken under advisement.


I had an uncle who flew Mohawks and then Mk VIII Spits in the war. Hence my interest in building the former.


Anybody know if anyone else makes a Mohawk?





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