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Need help regarding Westland Lysander


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Hi guys,

I have an urge to start the venerable Matchbox Lysander, with some advanced detailing, and finish it in the famous target towing « bumble bee » scheme.

Those who have, or have seen, the kit, will remember its somewhat « agricultural » level of detailing. The frame in particular looks way overscale, besides being wrong in some areas, like the wing structure girder. 

Here is where I am looking for help. The fuselage tubular structure was square tubes for the front, and round tubes for the rear. But the question is : what were the dimensions of the section of these tubes ? I cannot find any reference with these indications, which must however exist somewhere.

If any of our Canadian friends have access to the CWH Lizzie, or other survivors, or any of our UK friends to the Shuttleworth or Hendon museum survivors, or to documents with these data, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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