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Takom SdKfz171 PzKpfw V Panther Ausf A

daz greenwood

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So been building this since November after mislaying parts and the box since moving of the previous build. 

46691288871_957139e4ea_h.jpgDSC_3746_12086 by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr

The progress so far

39726481713_3e2bc15619_h.jpgDSC_3878_12206 by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr

And the example it will be finished as using left over parts and decals from a Meng Panther.

39725957493_153f52b3cf_h.jpgscan0001 by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr

I was invited over to a friends on Friday to play with his airbrush. So off I toddled. And this is the result (the hatches are just tacked in place). Not bad for a first try.

31758544147_98350ac70c_z.jpgDSC_3881_12209 by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr

45975227434_7cba04db99_h.jpgDSC_3880_12208 by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr

And the current state of progress on the Panther as of yesterday.

32839694878_81607ba0b0_h.jpgDSC_3887_12212 by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr


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