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1:35 Plusmodel Diorama Accessories and a Bunker


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Diorama Accessories Sets and a Bunker

 (Garden Pump; U.S.300 gallon fuel tank and German Artillery Bunker”)
Available from
 Plusmodel for the prices indicated below on the text


Plusmodel is my favourite diorama accessories manufacture in modelling world as they do allied quality with originality.


If your project is a vignette or a diorama, then Plusmodel is your solutions.


All the samples come with the usual packing, in small paper boxes with the parts wrap in bubbles plastic.


Garden Pump


Catalogue n.º 532

Prize tag: 19.70$/13.80€

In a diorama, the small details are the ones that give live to your work.

This garden pump is a complete set with base, a slide, pump and two watering cans.IMG_9582.JPG


The pump is well cast in a single and delicate with good detail.




The watering cans are in two sizes and are semi-hollow, allowing the modeller to add the water.IMG_9584.JPG









The slide is in a single piece, well cast and quite fine simulating the real structure.








U.S. 300 gallon fuel tank

Catalogue n.º 533

Price Tag: $22.40/€15.70


Now a set for modern subject, not really small but with not many parts, only 18 resin and a small decal sheet.






All the parts are cast in light gray resin and no warps or casting imperfections.


The decal sheet, as all others, looks like Plusmodel own production, with very good registration, color pigmentation and very thin carrier film.



The fuel tank is support in two cement beans, giving the modellers a good details on the fuel tank structure.




The fuel tank itself has lots of upper details with all gauges and valves, 8 to be precise.





The instructions are a simple paper sheet with an assembly diagram, decal placement directions. Nothing to report on this one, as they are clear to follow in the construction and decal guidance.



No color guide is given as it's up to anyone imagination, as practically it's up to your imagination and probably your imagination will not match the reality.

German Artillery Bunker

Catalog n.º 493

Price tag: $39.10/27.40€



IMG_9606.JPG This bunker has no resin, only plaster parts, but its big and imposing presence with 12 parts.

 The plaster parts are very well conceived and its quite easy to get it all together in no time.

The parts don’t need any cleaning being ready to assemble and paint.IMG_9610.JPG











The plaster texture is perfect to simulate concrete so do not soft the surface. Its rough tans its perfect like that.

No decals sheet, and to be honest, none is necessary.


The instructions are quite easy to follow and I believe that even with no instructions, this bunker is a shake´nd´bake.





 I`m afraid that I becoming repetitive about Plusmodel quality but is their fault.

 These sets just have everything for your diorama: quality, easy to construct, originality and good prices.

What do you want more?

If these sets are what you need to enhance your diorama just do it and treat yourself and your work and project.




Our truly thanks to Plusmodel for these review samples.






german-bunker.jpg 2d46ee344564345faad8620bb575af4f.jpg


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