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Spacewalk 2017 Movie


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In 1965 Voskhod 2 was launched in order to accomplish first spacewalk that almost ended by disaster . Ejection seats were replaced by suicide pill in order to safe weight and utilize already cramped space in the ship that was originally designed for one person. Automated re-entry system failed, service module failed to separate , trajectory was distorter  etc. etc. you name it... Anyway I did enjoy this movie, also because it shows the bigotry of the totalitarian system in Soviet Russia overshadowed by space-race atmosphere from the view of a pilots. Program was ultimately cancelled , but it let to the development of successful Soyuz orbital vehicle, that is still operational.

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16 minutes ago, GazzaS said:

Не говорю по русски

Very loose translation. My Russian is quite rusty,  there were parts I couldn't get the meaning of..

  • zero-twelve why are you not ejecting?
  • zero-twelve Leonov! What the hell is going on?
  • I swear that man is crazy.
  • crazy is exactly what we need.
  • Americans are planning spacewalk, our Voskhod must be fly sooner.
  • i will not launch a faulty ship.
  • You will take care of it.
  • You didn't get it , we are not jumping
  • sais who
  • directives/orders
  • you shouldn't fly
  • iI see stars through the ceiling 
  • I am not ready for the mission
  • No why you're my part\ner
  • Launch of Voskhod 2 with a life crew is too dangerous
  • We  are ready to take it
  • Attention, Moscow is speaking
  • Today, March 18th 1965 a human stepped out into the space
  • what's wrong with the pressure?
  • Almaz2 , is everything all right?
  • Respond Alexey....(!#@*
  • Story of bravery without borders/limits?
  • getting ready for re-entry
  • so you are suggesting to leave them on the orbit?
  • Sometimes soldiers have to die for the interest of their country/government
  • When I wake up, is daddy going to be back?
  • He'll ,,,,( couldn't get it)
  • therein not enough air in it Alex
  • We will see who's gonna be first...


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