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1/32nd Scratch Pneumatic trailer COMPLETED

FME erk

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I purchased the 32nd trolley acc from Iconicair and thought about other pieces of ground equipment that I could possibly have alongside the HK Lancaster when I come to build and display the beast . . . 

Although I have some details/photos of what was contained within I thought I would just go with the basic structure and have it with the canvas screen down, (it will save any embarrassment on  my part).

The plan


The basic frame


The suspension


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This basically is a box unless you were to detail the inside with a small petrol engine, fuel tank, an air compressor and its air tank. This may be a slight cheat but I intend to display it alongside a Nissen hut in the background . . . .


Having now painted the square frame, next on the agenda with be the 'curtains'  down each of the four sides. 

I have a tow hitch to put in place as well as a small jockey wheel and the stability legs.

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Done a little more . . . 

Just to put the stability legs in place, shown in the front, just about there I think although I am having to think about the colour of the canvas covers.

The one good photo I have seen of this trailer, located in front of a crashed Wellington, clearly shows these covers to be rather light in appearance ??

Pneumatic trailer.jpg

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