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1:32 F-14 Tomcat Crew - Plusmodel

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1:32 F-14 Tomcat Crew





(6 resin pieces)

Catalog n.º AL3005

Price tag: $38,20/€26,80 – directly from Plusmodel.


Plus Model was established in 1990 in the Czech Republic.
Their product range is comprised primarily of 1/35th scale resin kits, conversion sets, and accessories which are vacuum cast from polyurethane plastic.

For many years up to today that Plusmodel was creating in a clear and serene form, their own space in modeling, especially for 1/35 scale with fantastic resin kits and accessories for dioramas.

A few years ago, Plusmodel started a new line: AERO line.

The new line work in all 3 main scales: 1:72, 1:48 and 1:32.

Today we are going to take a look into 1:32 F-14 crew.


The clear plastic box, typical in AERO line, shows what you get, six resin piece containing a 1:32 representation of an F-14 Tomcat crew, walking away for their plane or going to the mission.




My first impression is that they are walking away after the mission but after close looking, I do have my doubts because of their facial expression.

 Checking closely, you will get two main bodies, only without arms. On my sample, I did get an extra arm.

 The body part has the flight suit and G-suit,  LPU, survival vest, combat boots, and torso harness.












I do like body posture and balance, giving the correct proportional to the figures.


My reserves are on the facial expression and in the head. They look almost alike… the facial expression is almost the same and they have the same hair. I would like to have a different type of hair and distinct facial.









The arms look like to have a good fitting, and both have on both hand the helmet and parachute.

All the parts are very well casted and the details are very sharp and really awesome and just continues to prove that Plusmodel knows what is doing.

The detail inside the helmet is quite outstanding and a really stand up.



However, I do love the detail and the final posture of the figure.

There`s no indication of colors to use but Plusmodel joins a painting (similar to "boxart" but bigger) as a guideline.



However, understand that the indication of colors is actually unnecessary because of the dozens of good references in countless books and on the internet.



A 1:32 F-14 Tomcat is a quite impressive and large bird but in a base and the set of crew it´s just the perfect combination.

I do have some reservation about the facial and head of both figures, not of their quality but of their similarity. Probably it’s a minor thing because a proper paint job will get it a great result and distinct looks.


As for the product, the quality is of the highest level, with castings at most higher standard and detail is one of the best in the modeling world, as resin concern.

Very Highly recommended.


With my sincere thanks to Plusmodel for this review sample. To purchase directly, click this link.


Francisco Guedes





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