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Help! Alps printed decal gone bad!


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And this is not good.  I had these custom made about 13 years back.  I’m trying to wrap up this F-16D build. 

Ive got a few areas where the decal refuses to lay down.  Big bubble without any air in it.  


between the two O’s and above the R.  I could put a tiny slit in the decal and let something soak in. But what?  FWIW, I forgot how Alps printed decals will swell up with Micro Sol but not shrink back down.  So yea, damaged from Micro Sol.  

I think my only other option is to see if my daughter can cut me some stencils with her vinyl cutting machine and just paint this on now.   

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Problem is, my daughter is finishing up grad school and won’t have time to cut my stencils until after she’s done in 2-3 weeks.  I was hoping to have it done by then to give to my Doc May 8th at my next appointment.  I’ve got another set of gray, but I’d have to spray a white base first. 

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Here are a few options to try if you want to paint, I would if it were me...


1. Apply the decals to either vinyl or Kabuki mask, then cut out the letters, use clear frisket paper to transfer them, or,

2. paint the tail gray, apply the tape, then the decal, the very gently cut out the mask in place.

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I've decided to wait until the Daughter can use her little vinyl cutting machine for stencils.  This one is turning out really nice and the dot matrix print pattern really stands out to me.  I think I'd rather paint it all instead of painting my white base and using my set of low vis decals.

One problem I didn't think of was things like the ejection seat decals.  Being a two seater, and a kit of a foreign aircraft, I am having to piece together decals from multiple sets of American Aircraft decals to get what I need to match up.   So far I've scavenged the triangle warning decals from an F-15 set.

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