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Got 2 build it!: Roden's Dr.I

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HI everyone!

    With WNW releasing a Dr.I next year, I decided it was time to build this kit.  Already had a go at screwing it up...  but onwards and forwards!


The kit box and PE.




I hate PE...  but I must somehow learn to master it.  So, I'll try to use all of it.




First was the back wall of the cockpit.  The Roden part made no effort to look like canvas:




Although the removal of the plastic squares went without problem, trying to smooth out the rest caused some of the plastic to crumble.  Once I got all of the associated pieces together, it looked like this.




I assembled the Oberursel motor, too.  Tiny little thing.  I made the plug wires with EZline.  Crappy pic...  the next one will be better.



Nothing pretty...  but that's how it goes!


Come fly with me!


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