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Shake your Colours Gentlemen


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Hola Senhores,

I've been busy lately painting details and figures for my actual RSO build and ran into an old problem I have with Colours specially those of Scale 75. They tend do disintegrate and if you want to put a drop on your palette it is half oily binding liquid. Shaking the Colours, even with two or three ball bearings in it doesn't help a lot. What to do, throw away the bottles and use another brand? No, these Colours have the most appreciated tones and they dry fast and absolutely dead matte, a great thing while painting figures.
I thought about a quick walkaround with my drilling machine and a hole driller of 80mm diameter and voila....

Colour before enhanced shaking. You can clearly see, that the Colour is disintegrated and even worse is the binding liquid on top



The bottle fits into the 80mm hole drill perfectly and tight and after some heavy rotation...



It looks like this and is well mixed and usable. The whole process takes only thirty seconds per Colour.



No  guarantee will be granted in case of flying bottles. I 'drilled' at least twenty bottles today thoroughly and none went flying.

Cheers Rob

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