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  1. Poor John, we have Swiss cheesed his thread.
  2. I'm going to Telford next year, I expect to see it! Sorry John, back to your build.
  3. Those flaps look great, I had an awful time with it! But nothing $140 and free shipping couldn't fix.....sigh.
  4. I also would not try and pull flaps up etc, I ruined my wing try to make it that way.
  5. Me too, I find that one the most interesting....esp with that water heater bomb! The worst on the sheet is the Russian one.
  6. Hey John, one thing I have discovered is that the very top deck will not reach the bulkhead ahead of it. Its an easy fix with strip. Mossie by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr
  7. John I am working on this as well!
  8. I was going to guess crack, but good to know it's styrene!
  9. Sometimes I would just like to spray a featureless 1/72 Hasegawa cockpit and slap a decal on the ip panel and close it up! In the spirit of filling the model case.
  10. I was influenced by the aviation artist Ray Waddey, who was a member of our club. he must have had built every 1/72nd kit out there! So most of my early work was in 72nd, I wanted to do the same......
  11. Do you guys get hung up on sticking with one scale? For example the new Tamiya P-38 looks really nice, but I find myself resisting because its not 1/32.
  12. It's ok John, we are ready when you are!
  13. Proceed John, you’ll make something great out of it. Are you planning a US version?
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