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  1. I had a dream I had a pet peacock. Even wagged its tail.
  2. The universe is saying, just build it OOB Ernie, take its heed!
  3. Trumpeter have a good foundation with the Panzer IV for other vehicle mods etc. Panda have a great base for Hetzer and other 38t derivatives. A proper Trumpeter Sherman family would be well received i'm sure.
  4. Man think about the work to finish that thing the right way. Gallon of Tamiya putty to texture the hull and turret, and a larger brush to stipple it with! Me thinks this thing could cast it's own shadows so no pre-shading with your automotive sprayer.
  5. Crap I thought the first word of this thread topic was "Big".
  6. Gents this is a 16th SOL Sherman T23 turret next to a 35th Sherman. It's big, I can't fathom a 6th scale one! BTW the tracks on the SOL offering condemn it to be a Korean war unit only....sigh. 16th Sherman by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr
  7. Looks the part Harv, I was pondering using plastic tube, but I have some aluminum rod also....so not sure yet!
  8. I have the SOL 1/16 Sherman and it is yuge! I'll post pics next to a 35th one tonight.
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