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  1. I've never finished a 109 so there.
  2. Yep he usually sits next to me....32 pounds in that pic! Happy to report he is a trim 22 pounds right now, someone gave the poor bastard up and we rescued him.
  3. Step up to a mans dog gentlemen. My Pup by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr Ryan
  4. This would look fantastic mitered together to form a small display base.
  5. I certainly will, we were planning a Telford trip this year but decided on the US nationals instead. Perhaps next year for Telford. Can you explain the whole private seller thing at Telford?
  6. I would say almost as big as Telford, the competition display is much larger in the US though. Some other things I noticed in Telford that are different that the US, was the strange selling area for personal modelers, as if the show was only for vendors or club displays. For example if "Chadwick Prescott the Earl of Model Kits" wanted to sell his own kits at Telford he could do so only in the special area? perhaps it has something to do with VAT? I have no clue. In the US, if Uncle Billy Bob Kit Basher wanted to sell his kits he could just rent a table and set up shop. Maybe I have this perception wrong, I certainly don't remember what it was called, but there was a separate area to bargain for personal kits. Another huge difference is the amount of SIG and club displays, you just done see that here, at least on the scale it is at Telford. Some other non modeling observations are the very narrow streets with short curbs to destroy rims almost everywhere. Then there are the roundabouts which in the UK is serious business needing careful navigation, in the us these are normally just (1) lane affairs. The people were very nice and the moment of silence to mark the end of WWI was very touching at Telford, which if i understand is done every year on Sunday. Personally, I was somewhat of an oddity as the places I stayed (Ellesmere Port/ Chester) don't see many Americans...or that what I was told on a couple of occasions! The walk to neighborhood pubs was very neat, the one I remember was the Red Lion in EP. Perhaps the biggest things that impressed me was the robust construction of the buildings, I mean thick brick walls, the heavy tile work etc on the roofs ( I guess to combat the weather). Speaking of oddities though (compared to the US), the washer and dryer in kitchens and the wall mounted water heaters were strange. Sorry for getting off topic, but It was my first time in the UK and I had a great time.
  7. My UK tour trip was fun explaining to friends and coworkers.... "Oh heading the the UK?" They would ask. "Yes" I'd reply. "Wow, seeing London, Big Ben, getting some fish and chips...? They fantasized. "Uh no, going to model show" I'd remark deadpan. "You mean a model show with attractive ladies" They would inquire eyes wide open. "No plastic models" Again deadpan. "You mean like toys......." Asked with a confused gaze. Defeated I say "Yep like toys......" Usually they walk away contemplating the cost of air fare and lodging just to go see a bunch of toys.....
  8. Yep this is will be my second Nationals. Went to Telford a couple of years ago, dem boys know how to put on a show!
  9. Funny airshow story, my aviation nut brother and I used to be like the first ones in on opening day. Well one year there was a B-1 scheduled to be at the event...we even saw it fly over a day before. When we arrived we saw it on the apron...with the crew ladder down! Well what were 2 aviation enthusiasts supposed to do, just walk by it and guess what what the cockpit looked like....? Not us, we both grabbed the ladder and climbed on up, only to find in horror that the pilot and copilot were in the front seats asking us why we thought it was OK to enter! Before we could answer they told us to look quickly and go away. Ryan
  10. Pretty sure I'm going but all the damn event hotels are sold out....
  11. Superb, now build it OOB and have some fun. Ryan
  12. I bought them both, partly because I would like a complete set of kits from WNW and also because of my interest in these very early and dangerous machines. I enjoy the subject more as the object or machinery than the person who flew it etc.
  13. For those that are interested the build is parked here. https://forum.ww1aircraftmodels.com/index.php?topic=10141.0
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