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  1. @Martinnfb They will respond and the replacement service was quite fast in my experience.
  2. Here is the email to get the part. joanna@trumpeter-china.com
  3. Thanks, the Hasegawa kits are pretty trouble free.
  4. Hey since asking this question, I have found the NUKE for stripping. It's Tamiya lacquer thinner....wont hurt plastics and pulls the finish right off.
  5. It finally caught up with me. my luck ran out, but I'm fine and back at it at about 85%. I'd be careful looking at my posts for too long....you never know.
  6. The both of you now are on some sort of anti woke list. How dare you not allow a factory worker to dress in comfort to do a job with half of a gluteus maximus.
  7. I will say it (21 Glad) is better built then my 2020 Rubicion Wrangler.
  8. You and me both Carl, I like how you handled the rear cockpit behind the armored plate.
  9. Yep, for sure. I typically just use super glue as a filler.
  10. Thanks John, I'm on to the wing but don't have any progress pics yet.
  11. Thanks Rob and BWM, the dials are easier to paint. I wish they would not detail the faces and just supply dial decals. Ryan
  12. Thanks Peter, all closed up now and I’m addressing seams.
  13. Ok detail painting done and done, ready to close it up.
  14. Okie Dokie, IP repaint commencing! Base colors shot…
  15. Ahhh, had not considered the Canadian climate! Mine doesn’t have leather or safety stuff either.
  16. Hopefully we can keep you occupied with monitoring our modeling projects when you are not monitoring contractors! Ryan
  17. Absolutely, I have also purchased the circle template and will report on its use.
  18. No, they haven't produced the V8 version of the Gladiator yet. I'm sure they will. This is a 3.6 6. Unfortunately, the scoop is only for looks, however in the V8 traditional jeeps they are functional. The taller hood scooped jeeps you see are either Mojave ones like mine or V8 or diesel units on traditional jeeps. Sorry more info than you wanted.
  19. I would have gotten more options on mine but ran outa money... 😀
  20. @MartinnfbNo, leaving the bed open, it has the factory spray in liner. I would strongly recommend the premium soft top like I have. The noise is very similar to the hard top and it only takes 4 bolts to remove it. I think it looks better too, the hard tops seem a little short if that makes sense.
  21. My boy has a Gobi one with 37's on it! I'd go Stingray over Sarge. The Mojave seemed to fit better for me, I cant see myself rock crawling etc.
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