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British MkII Gunsight in Resin...anywhere?


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I’ve been looking around for a better version of this than what I have.  Even with the Eduard PE, the MkII gunsight for the P-47 is just not right, and it’s not a simple fix

anyone know of any of these being made?

i know they were used on a variety of aircraft and I could likely adapt different versions to fit




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2 hours ago, BlrwestSiR said:

Barracudacast makes one for the Spitfire. 


Or if you think the kit one out of a Tamiya Spitfire is good enough, I can probably dig a couple up for you. 


Thanks!  That’s exactly what I needed

i’ve not seen the Tamiya Spitfire kit, so I don’t have a reference, but it looks like Barracuda nailed it.  It looks like it still relies on some kit parts for the reflector glass on top of the sight body - can I buy one of the sights from you to go along with the Barracuda set?

i love the PE mounting frame Eduard did for the P-47 MKII gunsight, but the sight itself is just...wrong

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